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Veera 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera clearing all the misunderstanding. Baldev hears it and calms his mind. Baldev talks to the goat too and says when a man is angry, his mind goes somewhere else. I did not give a chance to her to explain, but she could have called me or came to meet me, I m not her enemy, but her BF, she knows my anger is like pressure cooker. She says why should I make up to him, can’t he. They look at each other and smile. Yaara ve…………..plays…………..he says fine, and asks her to make her mood fine now. She asks is this the way. He says tell me the other way and holds her hand to draw her closer. Music plays…………… They have an eyelock.

Happy shappy wala…………….plays…………… Everyone come in. He says I won your challenge, now you have to make Biji agree to our relation and make her happy. Gunjan smiles. Baldev says make her so happy that she starts liking you, then we will see. Veera looks tensed. Its night, everyone has dinner and like the food made by Gunjan. Veera’s friend Shivani talks in a flow and tells about Baldev and Veera. Ratan and Ranvi is shocked and looks at Veera. Ranvi asks what did you say. Gunjan says she was giving example, she saw them in Heer Ranjha play. Shivani says yes.

Veera talks to her friends and says don’t know I accepted Baldev’s challenge, but how to make it. Bansuri and I were always enemies, I have troubled her a lot, if I knew I would love her son, I would have not troubled her. Her friend asks her to impress Bansuri. Its morning, Veera’s friends are leaving and Gunjan gives them a tiffin. Veera hugs them. They say all the best Veera to win Baldev’s challenge and leave.

Veera gets ready and gets Baldev’s call. He asks what is she doing. She says I will come as I always come in simple clothes. He says you both already have problems and jokes. She says what kind of BF you are, you should give me strength but you are making me nervous. He says I challenged you and will make it tough for you. She says I don’t want to talk to you. He says I know its not easy to please Bansuri, but make a good try, I have polyhouse work and can’t come. He laughs and she ends the call. She says Bansuri Taiji and I always stayed as enemies, what to do to turn it into friendship.

Gunjan sees some beautiful bangles hanged on the rope by Ranvi. He says before you taunt me, let me say, I went to field in morning, and I saw these bangles on the way. He says I saw you seeing this, and makes her wear it. Gunjan smiles. She says its very beautiful and lovely, but less than you. He says I will get new ones in new season and kisses her forehead. He leaves for work. Gunjan looks at the bangles and smiles.

Chaiji asks Veera in whose thoughts is she lost. Veera says no one. Veera asks her how to convert animosity into friendship. Chaiji says if you help your enemy, then enemy can turn into friend. Veera thanks her and runs. Chaiji says but tell me who is that enemy. Veera sees Bansuri buying vegetables and says I came here to market following her, but how to get the trouble. She sees her umbrella and gets an idea. She slowly takes her umbrella from her purse and hides it. It starts raining.

Bansuri says where did the umbrella go. Veera comes with her umbrella and offers help to drop her home. Bansuri says Changa and goes with her. Veera holds her bag too and talks to her praising her nail colors and choice. Bansuri says I got this color from city. Veera praises her a lot and drops her home, pleasing Bansuri. Bansuri says you got drenched in saving me, sit here, I will make tea and come. Veera says yeah…………. Lord I just hope she turns good to me.

Bansuri and Veera have a talk. Bansuri praises herself about the time when Balwant came to see her, she looks younger than her age. Baldev comes and sees them laughing. Veera sees him and blinks. Baldev smiles. Bansuri asks him to sit and she will make tea. Baldev asks Veera what did she do. Bansuri sees the spider web and says that maid did not do this, I will do it. Veera says don’t worry, I will do it. Bansuri says fine and leaves. Balddev asks what did you do. Veera says did it, don’t doubt oen me next time and think before giving me challenge.

He says fine and teases her not letting her work. She slips and he holds her. Happy shappy wala……………..plays………….. He moves her hair and they smile seeing each other. Bansuri comes and asks Baldev what is he doing here. Badelv says spider fell so I came to pick it. Veera says he has thrown it out. Bansuri says you are not that naughty Veera, great, you helped me. Bansuri sees Baldev staring at Veera and smiling. She asks Baldev why is she smiling. He says I have to go back to site. Bansuri asks him to have tea and go. Badev coughs to sign Veera and she smiles hearing him. Baldev says I will leave. Veera cleans the web. Baldev and Veera look at each other and smile.

Veera feels hot and starts the fan, while grinding the red chilli. Bansuri comes and the chilli powder gets into her eyes. Bansuri asks Veera to stop the fan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i love u veeba

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  3. Yah sure she will

  4. my only wish is that…….i want to see veeba’s marriage soon

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