Veera 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 2nd April 2013 Written Update

nri couple is caught by the police all thanks to the driver… ranvi also recognizes her but the nri lady tries to escape…but ratan slaps her and says are u a mother u tried to steal my kid…she says are u father…u lied to my son… u told him that u will help him meet his father.. u played with his emotions… god did wrong that he gave u position of mom and dad… u both are not supposed top be one…soldier says arrest them … just then nihal says even they have a kid just give them warning and leave….soldier says u all have big heart but decision will be taken by police the soldier says to ranvi see where u landed now … u ran from house u didn’t think of your mother.,… u should think that your mom dad always wish for your good… he says crime is crime they will be punished…next time no one should thing that Indian kid can be taken to abroad ….he says we need to do paper work…and they leave just then veera goes and pinches her and says dare u trouble my veerji again….ratan now scolds ranvi….

Ranvi says I am sorry… beeji I could not see veera sad she was missing dad and I didn’t want anyone to says that dad left becoz of veera ratan says no one will say anything…to your veera and she hugs him…veera now hugs ratan and ratan hugs her back….(BG veer ki ardaas veera)*ratan veera ranvi hug*

[In ratans house]

Balwant says ranvi will be back don’t worry and kartar says if I would have been there I would have saved ranvi by p giving my life I wanted to go but nihal went… MC looks at him with angry eyes….

Ranvi says its me chote chand… MC scolds him she says how could u do this to me u wnet without telling u know ….i was going t5o have an attack… ranvi says sorry…and MC says I will slap u ranvi smiles…Balwant says I knew it nihal would get ranvi back….

Precap- balwant says to pind wasis that trophy will be won by nihal and baktawar says I will win the trophy…..

Update Credit to: Rashu

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