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Veera 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant and Bansuri asking Rajveer to leave Baldev. Balwant folds hands. Baldev says don’t fold hands, I did not do anything. Rajveer says he got all proof against Baldev and he has done wrong business and also framed Ranvi. They are shocked. Chai ji asks Ratan what did lawyer say, will Ranvi get bail. Ratan says yes, I came to take money. She checks the drawer and does not see the money bundles. She says I kept money here, where did it go. Chai ji says see well. Ratan panics and says its not here. Chai ji says who will steal it. Gunjan comes and Ratan asks her to check for the money. Gunjan is tensed knowing Ratan needs money to bail out Ranvi.

She says where will I get money now, I can’t take money from bank as I need Ranvi’s sign. Gunjan comes out and cries. Veera sees her crying. She asks her to be strong and not cry. Gunjan says you don’t know, all this is happening because of my mistakes. Veera says what mistakes, tell me. She says stop crying, we are together, don’t worry, we will get the culprit behind bars. Bansuri comes to her and says why did you not get real culprit and got my son behind bars. Gunjan says what are you saying. Bansuri tells Ratan is she in peace in getting Ranvi out and Baldev arrested. They are shocked.

Ratan says when did he get arrested. Bansuri says Rajveer took him, Ranvi ruined our house, all this is because of Veera. Chai ji says Ranvi can’t frame anyone. Bansuri says I know Ranvi and Baldev, I know Baldev can’t do this illegal wine matter, Ranvi is doing this with Rajveer’s help. Veera leaves. Rajveer opens up Ranvi’s cell and says good news, you are free now. He says we caught the man who trapped you. Ranvi asks who. They get Baldev. Ranvi says stop. Rajveer says Baldev framed you. Baldev says Ranvi, he is lying, I did not do this. Baldev is put in the cell.

Ranvi says why Baldev. Rajveer says Baldev has many drums in his godown, he was going to set it and we caught him. Baldev says he is lying, I got a call to go to my godown, and I went to see, he is framing me. Rajveer says he is acting innocent. Veera comes and hears Rajveer saying Baldev did this. Baldev says he is lying, its nonsense, you know me since childhood, I fight but can’t do this. Rajveer says he was unable to meet Veera, so he did this to put you in jail. He says he would have got someone to save you and become hero in your eyes. Veera thinks of Baldev’s words.

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Ranvi stops her. Rajveer asks Ranvi to take Veera. Ranvi says Baldev, I felt you are not right for Baldev, now I know you are not a right man. Veera says let me talk. Rajveer says I will sort out paper work, go. Baldev says Veera listen to me. They leave. Rajveer smiles. Baldev gets angry. Baldev stays in jail till night. Rajveer comes to her and says Veera came and went. He says you lost her, forget her now. Baldev rages. Rajveer says show your anger, it looks good behind bars, happy diwali. He asks the constable to keep an eye on Baldev and leaves.

Gulati asks did he arrest Baldev, but why. The FB shows few men saying they have kept illegal wine in Baldev’s godown, he can’t go against law. He says we will move it before he knows. He says he has heard this and Baldev is innocent, Teja and Kuljeet did this, Baldev does not know this, I told you, then why did you arrest him. Rajveer says the godown is Baldev’s, and you don’t tell this to anyone, if you say anyone, then I will not leave you, do your work.

Veera cries in her room and says how can Baldev do this. Ranvi asks her to open the door. Chai ji says give her some time alone, she is in shock, time will heal everything. Ranvi says I can’t see her crying for Baldev. Ratan says she can’t believe this, its like they know half truth. We know Baldev, he can’t hurt anyone’s heart. Ranvi says Rajveer found out everything, what Baldev does all day. Empty mind is devil’s mind, his friends are goons, he loses senses in anger, I can’t see Veera in this state. Veera thinks of her and Baldev’s romantic moments.

She thinks of Baldev’s commanding words. She thinks what Rajveer said. Its morning, Balwant bails out Baldev. Rajveer says you got papers very soon. He taunts Balwant for coming many times to get his son out. Baldev thinks once I get out, I will see you. Rajveer says its solid case, he will get three year term in first term. Gulati looks on. He gets Baldev. Balwant thanks him and takes Baldev home. Simran acts sweet to Bansuri. Bansuri waits for Baldev and is glad seeing Baldev fine. Baldev says he has to go and meet Ranvi and Veera, don’t know what they are thinking. Simran does his bad sight off. He says I don’t have time for this, I have to meet Ranvi and Veera. Bansuri scolds him. Balwant gets angry on Baldev.

He says I m getting punished being his father. Amrit says atleast you should believe Baldev. Bansuri says he does not believe his son. Baldev says yes, he does not believe me, but I don’t care what he thinks and what Pind thinks, I care what Veera thinks. Veera comes there and he asks is she fine, he was worried for her. She slaps him hard. Baldev and everyone are shocked.

She says you have sent Veer ji to jail to meet and spend time with me. She says Ranvi was right, you are not a good human being and can’t keep relations, you can’t keep anyone happy, you can’t be right for me. Amrit and Simran smile. Baldev says Veera….. what are you saying, you feel I trapped Ranvi. Veera says yes, I feel this, Ranvi said no for our marriage, so you did all this, how can you fall so low, are you not ashamed, you did not think if Ranvi is hurt, then I will be hurt too. She cries and he says I thought this, so I m saying I did not do this. She says now no use to lie, I know the truth, I m ashamed to fight with Ranvi because of you. He says I did not think this, I can’t do this, Rajveer is framing me and Ranvi, he is using our rivalry and come close to me. She says jealousy has limit, you always blame him, you did mistake, atleast accept it, Ranvi is right, you don’t know anything than wrong things, you are a goon, Ranvi is right, you are not right and suitable for me. Baldev gets tears in his eyes.

Baldev says its good your tension got less, now you won’t to think how will you marry Baldev, as Baldev does not want to marry you now.

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