Veera 29th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 29th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 29th November 2013 Written Update

Karan says to veera, i messed up with your veerji, i dont know that he is your brother. Veera says, i cant meet you with my brother and now go otherwise he will kill you. Veera clicks some photos with ranveer. Ratan parjai do some trading with gold smith and chaiji come and see the earings and say, is this for veera? and she thanked to God and says, ratan is trying to fill the distances between herself and veera. Veera says to ranveer, you go i will come within a minute.

Karan starring the photo of veera and veera come to karan’s room. Veera is fighting with Karan and say bye to Karan. Karan give the cd of mobile traking software and says you will always forget your mobile everywhere.
Ratan Parjai trying to correct the board of agriculture college. and says, rab ji i know ranveer will become very happy and her mother will have to win. In a bus, veera see two child eating chocolate then she put her head onto ranveer shoulder and she says, i am feeling so cold, then ranveer says, dont you have shawl. Veera says, i have one shawl and that for Biji.

Veera and ranveer come to village and there is darkness everywhere, then suddenly cracker got fired up and lightning light up and everybody welcomes to Veera.
Ratan Parjai see veera and remember the moment of Veera’s actual mother photo and she drops the pujan thali and she run away. Veera cry. Chaiji regret to everyone and says please go your home right now and says dont you hug me.

Veera sees the house and ranveer says, lets go and i will show how i decorate your room. Chaiji come to ratan parjai and says, you had done wrong with veera, what she had done wrong with you. ratan says, please leave me alone. Chaiji says, why you are not forget everything..
ratan parjai says, i didnt see veera in that black shawl i see veera’s mother, how could i forget that face. i will accept veera for my son but when i saw veera i remember that moment. how will i face veera everyday.

Precap:- Ranveer show veera her room and veera says i love that room everything is very good and she start crying and says, veerji dont you know how much i remember you

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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