Veera 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera telling Ranvi that she will free him soon. Ranvi says why are you crying, we know we are innocent, nothing will happen, take care of everyone, its Diwali and they need you, I will just go and come. He leaves with Rajveer outside. Chai ji gets tensed. Ratan makes her sit. Gunjan says she will call dad, he will get lawyer. Ratan asks Rajveer not to take Ranvi. Rajveer says I know someone framed him, but I have to obey laws, I m helpless, I can just say that I will take care of Ranvi, I m sorry. Ranvi asks Veera not to cry. She says if you break, everyone will break. She asks them to take care and not cry. He says lets go and sits in the police jeep. Gunjan says I will call dad now.

Veera feels fainting and Ratan holds her. She takes her inside. Balwant does the aarti at home. His phone rings. Everyone sing the bhajan. Someone knocks the door. Balwant goes to see and is shocked seeing Gunjan crying. Gunjan says I m calling since much time, why are you not taking call. Balwant asks what happened. Gunjan hugs him and cries. He says tell me. She says police arrested Ranvi. Everyone is shocked. She says illegal wine was found in his godown. Amrit says no one should see such day. Balwant says leave it, Ranvi can never do this, I m sure police is mistaken, I will talk to my lawyer.

Baldev says I will go to police station, don’t worry, Ranvi will be at home in one hour. Rajveer tells Ranvi that he was also shocked when he got phone call. He says I think someone is framing you b y keeping wine. Ranvi asks who can do this. Baldev comes and says why did you get Ranvi here, he can’t do this. Rajveer says I know, I got him for questioning. Rajveer asks Ranvi about godown ways and does it stay open. Ranvi says no, keys are at home, family members use it. Ranvi says Nihaal takes sometimes. Baldev says he is also family, we can’t doubt on him, he will die, but not do this.

Rajveer asks is someone his enemy, and looks at Baldev. Baldev says stop saying this, you mean you are doubting on me, that I will take revenge if Ranvi is not letting me marry Veera. He says he failed in all subjects since childhood, but he knows he is playing bad politics, he is using their fight. He says remember, don’t use uniform for wrong, else you can lose it. Rajveer says its crime to misbehave with police officer, if I know you did this, I will not leave you. Baldev says find out, tell me what to do to bail Ranvi. Rajveer says it will happen in morning. Baldev says he will see what he can do in night. Ranvi signs yes. Baldev leaves.

Rajveer says I does not believe Baldev, he is your brother in law, but I feel he acted here. He fills his ears against Baldev and says he is your only enemy. He says he comes in your house and he knows the key too. Ranvi says I don’t think Baldev can do this. Rajveer says I don’t know you and Baldev well, but I m police officer, I m sure you are innocent and Baldev is behind this, its crime to keep illegal wine. Ratan and Chai ji cry. Ratan says its Diwali day and we did not know this will happen.

Veera talks to Gunjan and tells them that Gunjan will stay at her Maayka, Balwant will get Ranvi’s bail. Ratan says lets go and meet Ranvi once. Veera says no, its night, he gave your responsibility to me, he won’t like seeing you there at this time, you go to room, I will get tea. Chai ji says yes and they go. Veera says who can frame Ranvi. Baldev comes to meet him and asks why did he not tell him that Ranvi is arrested. She says she did not have time. He says you have time to roam with Rajveer. She says you are jealous, whats the problem, he met me on way and I went to his home to light diya.

He says why did she not tell him. She says why are you fighting at this time, Ranvi is in jail. He says he came to help her, he met Ranvi and Rajveer at police station. She says who can frame Ranvi. He says I don’t know, but I will find out, Ranvi’s enemy is my enemy. She hugs him. He says its good that there is some advantage of Ranvi’s going to jail. She beats him and asks him to go. He says he was making her smile. He says I know what you are going through, don’t worry, I m here. He hugs her.

Balwant tells Ratan that bail can’t happen today, as everyone is on Diwali leave. The man says it can happen in morning. Veera asks Rajveer to help. Rajveer says have patience, we are trying, I m making them go to city, maybe they can get documents. Everyone meet Ranvi. Veera and Gunjan hug Ranvi. Gunjan says I m sorry, dad could not get the bail, you have to be here till morning. He says why are you sorry, everyone has to agree law, and Rajveer is keeping me fine here. Rajveer says maybe you won’t need bail, as real culprit can be caught today. Everyone is glad.

Rajveer leaves for the duty. Ranvi says you think I m famous to get anyone out of jail, I m unable to get myself out. Gunjan says you will beat the culprit. Ranvi jokes. She smiles. Amrit tells Bansuri why did Balwant get late. Bansuri says Baldev went to free Ranvi, and his anger will go and make Veera marry Baldev. She says you don’t say yes to Baldev, he won’t go against you. Bansuri says my fate is not good. Amrit says Ranvi sent Baldev to jail and today he is in jail. She praises tea made by Simran and says what will I do when you marry and go. Simran says she will always take care of her, and her inlaws. Bansuri smiles and blesses Simran. She likes the tea and asks her to give tea to Baldev. Simran says he did not come home since night.

Baldev gets a call asking him to check his godown as he is falling into trouble. Baldev asks who is it. The call ends. Baldev tells Jaggi everything and says once he knows who did this, he will not leave them. Jaggi gets worried and says if we tell Baldev, we kept wine in Ranvi’s godown, he will not leave us. Billa says we will not tell him. Baldev comes to his godown and sees many wine barrels. He is shocked. Rajveer comes there and says I caught you red handed. He thinks he has framed Baldev now and made the call to him. Baldev says this is not mine. Rajveer says you framed Ranvi. Baldev says I don’t know about this. Rajveer says you have put this here, and you don’t remember, this proves that you do this business. Baldev says no, someone is trapping me. He says I m understanding, someone else is doing this, I don’t visit godown regularly, I m trapped. Rajveer says you are under arrest and shows handcuffs. Baldev is shocked.

Baldev tells Bansuri that Balwant does not believe him, he does not care. Veera comes and Baldev asks is she fine. Veera slaps him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is going nowhere
    * where is that ranvi who couldn’t tolerate to see a single tear in his sister eyes?
    * it ll be really good if gunjan helped in this situation instead of wasting money!
    * From when did ranvi Turned so self centered?
    * writers forgot that this story is about brother being a mother to her sister?!!!
    * Why isnt title music played in background

  2. if veera loves baldev then how she slap him. veera doing over acting,baldev is very good

  3. I don’t like rajveer.

  4. agar veera baldev se pyaar karti hai to rajveer kyu in dono ke bech misunderstanding peda kar raha hai its not good i hate you rajveer

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