Veera 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts from Veera’s roommate hand over dress and other important things to veera and says, i am very excited to meet with your veerji. dont you meet your veerji with karan. Veera says, i want karan and veerji could make good friend. veera says to one of his friend, dont dare to flurt with my veerji, otherwise i will kill you. Ranveer waiting in queue in bathroom. Karan abuses ranveer and enters into bathroom.
Veera see the wounds of ranveer, she is worried and says to come with her into medical room for medication. she gives first aid to ranveer. Ranveer says, come on we are getting late.
In to convocation room, anchor declares the name of passing student. veera says to karan, go and please check my veerji, whether he is ready or not….anchor declares the awarrd for veera for the best innovative student of the college. Everybody claps for veera but she search her veerji..Ranveer enters into premises.. veera says, sorry sir but i cant take this award from you, you come here only to give award but i want to take this award from my mother.

veera says to ranveer, please come and give me award, if you will not come then i will not going to take this award. veera represent the audience, that i know you all get twinging but my veerji is my precious mothe. Anchor also appreciate to Veera and welcomes to stage and give two words on Veera. ranveer shy and says she is diamond and very intelligent. she works very hard and she is the only one who had passed her b.a exam. she is very precious for our village.

Ranveer gives award to veera and everybody claps for him. veera introduces ranveer to her friends. ranveer got embarassed. watchman come and give his lamb. everybody clicks photo with everyone.

Veera ask to ranveer, where is my fanni and got very happy. veers’s friend appreciate to ranveer for veera. veera’s friend do leg pulling on karan’s name. Karan refused to meet with ranveer.

Precap;- everybody excited on veera’s coming to village and ratan parjai take puja ki thali but when she see veera, her thali was fallen down…

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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