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Veera 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan giving Prasad to Ranvi. She asks him why is he worried, did anything happen. He says no, and gets Rajveer’s call. Rajveer says he has called to remind about Baldev’s court hearing after 3 days, so is he coming to give statement. Ranvi says yes, I m coming. Rajveer hears Ranvi and Ratan talking, as Ranvi does not keep receiver right. Ranvi says I said yes to him, but shall I believe Veera and Gunjan, maybe I saw something wrong and misunderstood, shall I believe Baldev or…. Rajveer is shocked. Ranvi corrects the receiver. Ratan says when things are not in our hand, we should leave it on Lord, you just tell what you saw in court and the real culprit, no one will stop him from getting exposed. He says yes and thinks.

Rajveer recalls Ranvi’s words and says if Ranvi refuses to give statement for Veera’s sake, if he feels once Veera marries Baldev, she should be with Baldev then….. Veera comes to meet him and says she got the phone, after stealing from Baldev. Baldev sees Veera giving the phone to Rajveer. Rajveer says you did great, I did not think you can do such a big thing on my saying once, its clear you want to see Baldev behind bars, right, come inside. Baldev leaves. She goes inside his house and asks him to see did it has all the things he needs. Rajveer checks the phone and says its not imp, whats not in this is more imp, thanks a lot. She thinks why did he say this and asks him. He says leave it, you will see Baldev behind bars.

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He brings a chocolate and says have this sweet, as Baldev will be going to jail. She recalls Baldev and spits the choc and keeps it in vase. Its night, Baldev drinks wine thinking about Veera’s deceive. Veera comes home and sees him drinking. Baldev says congrats and holds her. He says congrats for your success, you and your love Rajveer succeeded to make me punished. She says enough and cries. She asks how can he think this. He says you did the great work and I can’t even think. Mahiya…………….plays………….. He says I have seen you giving my phone to Rajveer, if you wanted to kill me, you would have told me, I would have done your work easy.

He takes out a gun and aims at her. She says listen to me, whatever I m doing is to save you. He says you say something and do something, you look something and you are something else, you are just a big cheat. She says let me explain, I want to help you, and you are showing me the gun. He says sometimes I feel you want o kill me, lets do the decision today, I will put 3 bullets in gun, life or death, 50-50, lets see you want to save me or kill me.

He aims at his head and she is shocked. She asks why is he doing this and swears on Lord. She calls Balwant and Bansuri, and he shuts her mouth. He takes her phone and throws it. Baldev says its just we two here and this fire is ignited by us, why are you calling my parents to end it, we have to get burn in this fire and also if we want to end this. She says no Baldev. He pulls the trigger and its empty bullet. He laughs and says how could I think my problems will end so soon. He aims at her. Mahiya……………plays……….. She stands fearless and cries. He says maybe you can be more lucky than me, your fate can get freedom soon, its good for you. He says you don’t need to trap me and no doubt then whether I murdered Nihaal, I will be hanged for your murder, will this be right?

Veera also gets saved and he laughs, saying their fate is very good. He says I got one more chance to get free. He holds her closer and they see each other. He aims at himself while she cries. Jaggi comes and is shocked seeing him. He moves the gun, and the shot hits somewhere at the wall else. Baldev comes to his senses. Jaggi asks what was he doing, its good Veera called and I heard everything, thank Lord I came here, else… Baldev says else what, I was doing the work which Veera wanted to do. He says she was playing games with me, and I was helping her to do a husband’s duty. He folds hands and says Veera Baldev Singh. She cries. Baldev leaves. Jaggi says he won’t let Baldev get the gun and asks her to take care. Rajveer recalls Veera and Ranvi’s words. He checks the phone and thinks something. He smiles understanding Veera was fooling him.

Its morning, Rajveer calls Veera and flirts. He asks did Baldev tell anything. She says yes, I m cursing my fate, he will be free if he is not proved guilty. He says I should tell you more about the case, and hidden some being policeman. He says now I think I should not hide, as you are worrying, come and meet me, I will tell something which no one knows, I got some new proof, come then we will talk. Veera is shocked. He sees Veera’s pic and smiles. She thinks she will know everything which she wants to know, Baldev might have reached Gurdaspur.

Baldev and Jaggi come to Gurdaspur to find out about Rajveer. They stop at a Dhaba and asks about Kavita’s suicide. The man asks why do you want. Jaggi says he is big reporter. The man says don’t know why everyone is asking about her after two years. Baldev asks who else came to ask.

A guy meets Baldev and offers help. Rajveer says your game is over Veera, you stole the newspaper cutting and was helping Baldev, not me. He gets angry on her and she is shocked.

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  1. Plz finsh this track soon….
    Its getng anoyng nw….

  2. if it’s going like this,then it’s better to stop watching the show.

  3. pls stop this nonsense….

  4. What the hell….baldev should trust veera n leave his ego..bullshit

  5. No logic in this serial. Every character is becoming funny and foolish. It is better to treat this as a comedy serial – and laugh at it…

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