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Veera 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi talking to Gunjan asking her to come with him, as they have to see new house as they can’t stay in Veera’s friend’s flat forever. Diya comes and asks them to leave fast as they will miss the train. They leave. Veera prays and tells Ratan that its Ranvi’s first recording today, I wish I was with him, I hope it happens well its good Gunjan is with him. Ratan says Chaiji went to Gurudwara to pray for Ranvi. Ratan says she prays for Ranvi’s success and Veera’s marriage. Veera is stunned. Ratan says girls grow so fast and its time she marries. Veera says I m very young, don’t think so. Ratan says I m your mum and Ranvi your unique mum, also thinks the same. Ratan says that time will come soon. Veera gets tensed. Ratan teases her and leaves. Veera says what happened to everyone, Biji also started and Baldev is annoyed with me.

Ranvi and Gunjan meet the broker to get a flat. He asks them to give 1 lakh security deposit, two months advance and two month rent to him. Ranvi says its high. The man asks how much can you pay, fine pay me half. Ranvi says our budget is 25000rs. The man says such budget house will be very small. He shows them a flat. Gunjan says its over before start. Ranvi says he will get the Rs 1 lakh deposit flat. Gunjan asks Ranvi to talk to her and says what are you doing, from where will we get money. Ranvi says don’t worry, we will get money today, as I m going for recording today. He asks the broker to finalize the costly flat.

The man asks him to pay amount in 24 hours. Ranvi says its final. He asks Gunjan to give the money. Gunjan says we had only this money, where will we get more money from. Ranvi says don’t worry. Veera calls him and gives best wishes. He thanks her and says he will call her after recording. Ranvi comes for the recording. He sees many aspiring singers. The guy comes and asks him to sing ad jingle, not film song. Ranvi is shocked. Nihaal and Baldev come to Veera’s house. Nihaal asks Veera and baldev to go to polyhouse. Veera says I will go, as Baldev is busy. Baldev says no, I m not busy, I will come.

Ratan comes with panchayat people and they talk to Nihaal. Nihaal talks about poly house. Ratan likes his suggestions. Baldev acts sweet and Veera asks the reason, as he was annoyed. He says so what, I m making up to you now. They solve their differences. Baldev says he agrees to her decision. They apologize to each other. He says he is not like city guys, I want us to start new life soon, but as you are not ready and need more time, I will not force you. Till when think the right time has come, I will wait. She smiles and hugs him. Yaare ve……………………..plays…………….

Gunjan cleans the home seeing Diya messed up everything. She gets a call from Bansuri. Gunjan tells about Ranvi’s first recording. Diya comes and hugs Gunjan for cleaning her home. Bansuri asks who is she. Gunjan says she is Diya, we are at her house. Bansuri says what. Gunjan says she is Veera’s friend. Bansuri asks them not to stay at Diya’s house. Gunjan says we will shift soon. Bansuri says fine, if Ranvi went alone, don’t know what would have happened. She asks Gunjan to control Ranvi. Gunjan asks her not to worry.

Ranvi comes inside the studio for the recording and sits near mic. Other guys comes and says they all have to practice. A guy Rohan meets Ranvi and says they have come to sing jingle for an ad. Ranvi does not sing it. The man gets angry and scolds him. Ranvi says he did not come here for this. The man says I won’t pay anything. Rohan asks him to be quiet, relax and explains him. He apologizes to the man and says we will do recording together. He asks Ranvi to do it. Ranvi sings. O Rabba……………….plays……………… Ranvi gets sad.

Ranvi says he has sung in chorus. Gunjan encourages him. Ranvi is depressed.

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