Veera 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 28th August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Chai ji putting stress on the need for Ratan to marry while at the same time assuring her that its going to be her decission and only hers. Noone sould force her to do anything she doesn’t want but that she would pray to God she says yes. Chai ji puts a hand on Ratan’s head lovingly and then leaves. Ratan looks sharply at Sampooran’s picture on the wall.

Veera and Ranvi are at the picnic, the teacher briefing them about all the flowers and plants present. Lillies, Ganday ke Phool and and Junglee Poda for example. Veera is very much impressed by the beauty around the place and tells her Veer ji how much God works so hard to make all of this. Ranvi tells her he has magic. Veera is about to touch a plant when Ranvi stops her telling her that touching it woule make her itch alot. They both see Baldev far ahead being the bad boy that he is and torturing other kids. Veera says just like God made the itching plant to torture people, he made Baldev.

Veera sees Baldev picking a flower and Veera shoute out to him and scolds him. Baldev then comes to them mocking them. He mocks them that what will they do if he picks plowers? Would they run off to Nihaal and cry? Ranvi and Veera ask him to stop talking ill of Nihaal as he is older to them and a wonderful man. Baldev says his father is the supreme of all and can kick Nihaal out of the village if he wanted to. He initiates a physical fight with Ranvi, pushing him. Ranvi holds his hand as it comes towarss him and threatens him not to talk ill of Nihaal. Their teacher reaches the spot and scolds Ranvi for fighting. Baldev acts like an innocent boy and follows the teacher once he ends the fight, throwing an evil look back at Ranveera.

Chai ji is at home waiting for Nihaal impatiently. She calls him twice and on earning no response at all, she goes to the place where he stays to find noone there and the place open. She gets really tensed and imagines the worst.

Ratan is on the fields ordering her workers what to do. After that, she goes on to the same spot where Chai ji and Nihaal burried Sampooran’s things. She lays a charpoy there and sits on it when she feels the imbalancing of the charpoy. She looks down to find something. She gets up and sitson the ground to find Nihaal’s necklace. Soon she discovers the freshly dug up earth and taking a spade, digs the spot. She finds the red cloth and sitting on thr charpoy opens its to find Sampooran’s things. She cries hugging them and then remembers seeing the red cloth with Nihaal before.

Veera and Ranvi see how Baldev is continuing to torture the kids again. Riding on their backs, kicking them. Veera asks her Veerji whether they should complain against him to the teacher but Ranvi asks her to sta out of it. Soon Veera gets an idea and asking for a kulfi, sends away Ranvi.

There Baldev is taking other kid’s chocolate and eating it when Veera approaches him with deliberately hiding a handkerchief behind her. Baldev sees it and inquires her about it and threatens her that she should show her or he’d snatch it. Veera opens the handkerchief to reveal white flowers and tells him she is taking it home for her Nihaal chaachu because they spell really good. Baldev asks her to give it to him and Veera lays the flowers on his hand. On smelling it, Baldev tells her the flower has no scent. Veera asks him to rub it and then smell. He rubs the flowers all over his hands. Veera then tells him he has something on his cheeks and with that, he is made to touch both his cheeks. A cheeky Veera then breaks into laughter and mocks him asking him to kee itching. Soon the itching starts erasing every ounce of confusion for the itchy Baldev.

Chai ji reaches on the fields to find Nihaal walking. She stops him and asks him his decission. He tells Chai ji that he has decided to come out with the truth and then Ratan will decide hat to do. Chai ji scolds him for the idea and tells him not to make the mistake. Soon Ratan comes screaming Nihaal’s name angrily. Both look at her shocked. She shows them the red cloth with Sampooran’s belongings and ask him why he had it? She shouts at a very shocked Nihaal inquiring about the truth.

Precap: Ratan keeps on shouting and asking Nihaal why he had Sampooran’s belongings and what is he hiding. She picks up what appeared to be either a sickle or a slasher and threatened to kill Nihaal id he didn’t reply. Chai ji tries to hold back an enraged Ratan.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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