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Veera 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying Veera…. She gets tensed and hides the article cutting. He asks why is she standing as if she is hiding something. She says nothing, and drinks water. He asks her to make cake as he gives her the almonds. She thinks she can’t go without making the cake, it will tale lots of time, and I would have made khichdi. He asks does she want to get rid of Baldev. She thinks to use this chance and says yes, I want him to get punished. He says Baldev has stolen the phone from police station, its imp proof for us, you have to get it from him. She thinks it means Baldev did not accept failure.

She asks whats in the phone. He says it has all messages how Baldev called Nihaal, will you help me. She thinks she has to win his trust and do this. She says yes, and bakes the cake. He says its great. She says its not good, sorry. He says you made it by love, I have to eat. She says no, I will die by shame. He says let your enemies die, I will eat the cake. She smiles. Jaggi and Billa ask the goons will they do the work, once he pays, the work should be done. The goon says we will do the work, we did this work last time, we were told to beat Baldev and hit internally, so that he breaks internally and his wounds are not seen. Jaggi and Billa ask the name who hired them before and are shocked when the goons take Rajveer’s name. Baldev is shocked too.

Veera comes home and reads the article of Kavita’s suicide and thinks why did Rajveer hide this, it means its something special in this, does he have anything related to this case. She says Nihaal went Gurdaspur and he called Baldev and called him outside Pritampura, and Baldev got blamed of his death, there is some relation, but what it can be. She says she should tell this to Baldev, he also wants to prove himself innocent. She recalls Baldev’s words and says no, he will get more annoyed with me, if he hurts himself more, no. What should I do, its just three days for his case, there has to be some way. I should make Baldev see this newspaper cutting, I have one way to bring Rajveer’s truth out.

Baldev tells his friend that Rajveer framed me and got me beaten, did he kill Nihaal, but why will he do this, what did Nihaal do, Rajveer is my enemy, not his. Jaggi says he trapped you, maybe he came to know you and Nihaal fought in market, and he killed him to blame on you. Billa says yes, he has made you away from Veera. Baldev gets the jack and says Rajveer has stolen the jack from the jeep, how can he do this being inspector, he would have killed me, why did he kill Nihaal.

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Veera messages Jaggi to meet at polyhouse. Jaggi and Billa fight form some small thing, and Baldev gets some sense. He says maybe Rajveer’s motive was something else. He says we have to find that motive. Veera is at the polyhouse and cries recalling Baldev. Jaggi comes and asks why did she call him suddenly, is everything fine. She says yes, do my work, give this to Baldev, don’t tell him I gave you this. He asks whats this. He says its proof which will make him get some info. He asks about Gurdaspur news. She tells about Rajveer’s earlier posting, and she feels Nihaal’s murder has some link to Rajveer.

Jaggi says you should give this to him, he will be glad knowing you trust him. She says no, he is annoyed with me as I married him to save him from Ranvi’s statement. She says I told him that I can’t deny his anger and he misunderstood, it does not mean I don’t love him, I know his heart has wound which can’t heal, he hates me. Jaggi says Baldev punishes himself more than you, its not hatred, its love. She says whatever, I want to prove him innocent, and afterwards, I don’t care if he hates me or loves me. She leaves. Jaggi prays for them. Ranvi and Gunjan see the court case date. Gunjan writes that my brother will be proved innocent.

Gunjan defends Baldev and says you have just seen Baldev holding the murder weapon, and not killing him. Veera is sure that Baldev has not killed Nihaal and I have seen her trust in eyes, she will make everything fine. Ranvi says what Veera is doing is her assumption, she is being foolish, she is playing with her life to save Baldev. She does not have any proof, what will her trust do? He leaves. Gunjan prays. Baldev comes home. Bansuri sees his hand hurt and asks Baldev what happened. Baldev tells her that he feels Rajveer has done Nihaal’s murder, I can prove it, but I don’t know how to get proof. Bansuri says see your wife is meeting him, she is supporting your enemy. Jaggi comes and shows the news cutting saying he got it from Rajveer’s house.

Baldev reads it and asks when did he get it, when they were together some time ago. Jaggi signs Billa. Billa lies that they have hired a spy and they have sent there as servant. Bansuri says Veera should have helped you in this time, she does not have time. Baldev says we will leave tomorrow for Gurdaspur to know about Rajveer. Baldev comes to room. Veera sees his hand hurt, and recalls Rajveer’s words. Baldev helps Baldev and fixes the bandage.

Baldev moves her away. Mahiya…………….plays……………… She cries. He leaves. She sees his phone in drawer, and takes it. Baldev looks on and is shocked. Veera removes the memory card and keeps in her purse. She keeps his phone back and thinks she has to win Rajveer’s trust and give his phone, she will give similar phone and keep all the evidence safe, she wants to know Rajveer’s trust. She leaves. Baldev is shocked.

Baldev holds Veera close and aims gun at head. Veera cries.

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  1. this show is dumb
    im sick of baldev acting all messed up and veera just sitting there and going behin his back to prove him innocent
    why doesnt she just scream at him and tell him straight

  2. Its xtndng too much….
    Plz end this track soon….
    Show is geting miserable….

  3. I have stopped seeing the serial for the past couple of weeks and only reading the written episode. If this serial continues longer, I probably will stop reading as well….

  4. yaar, wo dikho jo practically possible ho otherwise aisi story ka kya profit.

  5. seriously yar…dis serial is becoming a big bore day by day…y dnt veera let baldev know dat she is trying to prove him innocent…

  6. all serials are only making us jokers who ll look on patiently and the director makes unbelievable unpractical twists and turns. all bakwaas.

    why the hell cant veera make baldev listen to her. doesnt such a sensible girl realise that her pretending to be in love with rajveer ll make her cheaper in others eyes. even if it just for sake of her husband, it is beyond acceptable limits and we are all losing patience.

  7. Agree with Blue, Ashi, Ram, Shilpy and others.
    The show is going off track. Better they expose Rajveer soon..

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