Veera 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 27th August 2013 Written Update

Nihal is shocked and hesitant and to bring him to consensus, Chaiji pulls him into a secluded shed in fields where she buries Sampooran’s remaining belongings and asks Nihal to get rid of his guilt. When Nihal objects, she tells him that she is Sampooran’s mother and understands his grief, pain and sorrow. And by burying Sampooran’s belongings she’s asking him to shed off the burden of guilt he’s carrying in his heart. Chaiji further adds that if he wants to repent his doing than he can consider this as one of the ways as agreeing to marry Ratan he’ll take on Sampooran’s responsibilities and complete the household making up for Sampooran’s absence as the man of the house. Chaiji asks Nihal to make up his mind and calls him to Ratan’s home in the morning after deciding upon her proposal.

Nihal is in dilemma.

Next day Ranveera are ready to go for picnic. Chaiji is instructing Veera to behave and listen to Ranvi while Ratan and Ranvi enjoy the sweet banter between Chaiji and Veera. Veera laughs saying if she ceases to be naughty wouldn’t she turn into her Veerji who always behave nicely. Ratan asks Ranvi to look after himself and when she doesn’t mention Veera, Veera’s face fell. Looking at Veera’s sad face Ratan asks Ranvi to take care of Veera too and this brings a huge smile om Ranveera’s and Chaiji’s faces. The kids leave and Ratan gets back to her work.

Ratan is talking about the mundane stuff about the work in the fields and someone’e wedding when Chaiji tells her that she wants to have a word with her. When Ratan queries, Chaiji asks Ratan to get married. Ratan is shocked and strongly objects saying she can never marry or think about anyone other than Sampooran. Chaiji says that Sampooran was her son and she wants Ratan to forget him and move on in her life. When Ratan doesn’t budge, Chaiji asks her to think about Ranveera as they need a father. Ratan looks helpless and Chaiji proposes her to consider Nihal as her life partner which further shocks Ratan and she again strongly disagrees. But Chaiji tells her how Nihal can be perfect for her as he has not only stood by her and the household always but loves Ranveera too. Ratan cries and stumbles on the cot nearby.

Chaiji asks her to consider her proposal and make a decision as she cannot see her daughter sacrificing herself by shouldering all the responsibilities and staying alone all through her life. Ratan is dejected and crying

Ratan is at the same secluded shed digging the ground and finds Sampooran’s belongings. With tears in her eyes she tries hard to remember where she had seen that red potli. And then it appears that she remembers where she had seen the potli.


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