Veera 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Ashok asking Ash for water while she refused, making Ashok angry. This started an arguement between them that Balwant overheard. When Ash went away, Ashok expressed his worry and concern to Balwant to consoled him by saying that soon his children would learn.

Ratan, Chaiji and Ranveera are getting ready for the picnic. Ranvi comes down and tells Ratan and Chai ji that Veera said she would get ready herself. They look on shocked and amused as Veera comes down wearing Ranvi’s jeans, a kurti with a rope tied on her waist as a belt and a flowery head band. Ranvi asked her to go change and Veera reluctantly did so after alot of arguement.

Ranveera, Chai ji and Ratan go over to Balwant’s to leave for the picnic. Bansuri takes a long time getting ready as she

dresses herself in a sleeveless top with a skirt, impressed by the guests. Veera goes inside the house where the Dehli Clan try to outsmart her once again on the pretext of teaching her english. Ash teaches Veera phrases like ‘I am Veera’. ‘I am a duffer’ and ‘So slap me’. Veera being innocent, goes over to where everyone else is and show offs her english, shocking Ashok who reveals the real meanings of the phrases. Ash and everyone lie and say they never taught her this and instead taught her, ‘I am Veera’. ‘I am a scholar’, and ‘So clap for me’. Veera tries fo argue but Ratan asks her to stop as she may have made a mistake.

Later, Ash is playing a game on her laptop when Veera comes in, fascinated by the portable computer. Veera asks her if she too can play a game but Ash shakes it off saying she would let her play later. She and her younger sister go away to get water when Veera and Gunjan spot a fly on the laptop screen. Veera tries to shoo it away but in vain, so she uses her slippers to kill it. In that time, Ash comes and starts yelling at Veera. Everyone gathers inside and Ash calls names to Veera calling her stupid and dumb. Veera tries to explain herself and Ashok too asks Ash to stop because Veera’s just a kid who knew no better.

Chaiji asks Veera to apologize as she touched someone else’s things, but Veera refuses too and misbehaves much to everyones horror. Ash then uses that and asks everyone to see how ill-mannered Veera is, shocking her and the rest. Ranvi asks her to apologize to Chai ji and Veera does. Ranvi then takes Veera to another room and tells her not to learn the bad habbits of those kids because they are only trying to hurt her. Ranvi tells her that they are bad people who entertain themselves from making others look bad. Veera understands and promises not to listen to them again and be a good girl.

Precap: Dehli Clan yells at Ashok telling him they don’t want to go to the picnic, shocking and upsetting everyone else.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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