Veera 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Scene start with Arjun aiming towrards veera. She put apple on her head and says their is only few minutes left at 7 o clock, so please aim and give me phone. Arjun says to veera, dont you get frightened. phone rings and veera pick up the ranveer’s phone and walk in the boys hostel then warden see veera and shout girl in a boy hostel. Veera run away. Ranveer says when will you come back and please come back soon. Ranveer give phone to ratan parjai then veera says, hi biji, what will I bring for you from delhi. Warden try to catch veera but he cant. veera says to warden i cant live without talk to my brother, so i came here. warden says to arjun singh , go and drop her.
Ratan parjai says to ranveer, why you lend our land, you know very well that surjit singh will not give it easily to us. arjun says to veera why are you starring to aeroplane so much. then veera says i love to fly high in the air and travel around and if i love some place then i shifted to that place with parjaiji and veerji. arjun left veera and go towards his friends.

Priest give prasad to ranveer, then priest says you always took prasad two times and ate all prasad, but today you havent eat the prasad. ranveer says today that prasad will be eaten by veera. today i am going to take veera from delhi. veera surfing on internet and her roommate ask her, am i looking looking fat? then veera says no. Ranveer calls to veera then veera says, veerji when will you come here i am very excited and please come here to wear same kurta that i gifted you. veera says to ranveer please take fani, my friends are very fond of it.

Chaiji says to ranveer i think veera will now become more bigger then ranveer says to chaiji for me she is very small. balbeer come to ranveer’s house and says, her mother cant make fani for veera. ranveer got upset then chaiji says, i will make fani for veera but ranveer refuses and says, i will make fani for veera.

Veera seeing shawl and ask to karan, is this good for my biji. then karan says how do i know. ranveer making fani for veera and ratan parjai come and says, i will make fani, you go and get prepared but you dont tell her. Ranveers says she will be very happy to eat fani of your hand made.

Precap:- : Lecturer says to veera that dress code is very important for fellowship and I informed you all before. Ranveer heard all that and took veera’s fellowship dress

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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