Veera 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant blessing Veera being very happy. He says you helped to make my son fine and gave him good values, that he is thinking about the pind’s benefit. They says he got happy when he got to know about mall. Bansuri gets irked. Manjeet says its time for food. Veera goes and Baldev goes after her. Manjeet thinks he is foolish that he went to convince his wife. He says he did not say dad about mall and she asks him what will he have in food. He says Tai ji told dad. She asks what will he have in sweets. He says anything she likes. She says it means you don’t want anything from me, but I want. He says if its about land then…

She says I want your day tomorrow and every minute, I want to spend with you. They smile. He says you sometimes shock me, I thought you are angry and annoyed with me, and see you want to spend day with me. She says she likes to spend time with him, and she is not annoyed. She says I left it on time, and we will live in present. Its morning, Manjeet tells Bansuri that Veera and Baldev will not patch up soon, as Veera is angry and Baldev is adamant. Balwant asks them to get breakfast. Manjeet says all work will be done by Bansuri, as Veera does not wake up early.

Baldev comes with Veera and says she got ready too, we are going out to spend day out. He asks Balwant can they go. Balwant says yes, its your duty to take your wife out, don’t come home before evening. Baldev says we will have breakfast out. Bansuri asks shall we go after them. Manjeet says if they know we are breaking them, they will fail our plan. Bansuri makes reasons. Manjeet thinks Veera is very smart, she will go from Baldev’s life so soon, she has to think something big.

Gunjan comes to help Ratan in kitchen. Ratan says she is doing wrong, by blaming herself and not living her life. She says she is punishing herself as Ranvi is reminding her mistake, she will explain Ranvi and I m sure his anger will go soon with time, he will come to you. She says she will not forgive herself if anything happens to her, she does not want to lose her daughter by her son’s mistake, stop crying now and smile, Lord is there, he will make everything fine. She says its morning after every night. Gunjan smiles and says she recalls the childhood story, that life is like Tawa and Roti, till hand burns, good roti is not made.

Ranvi comes asking whats made in food. Ratan says sit, Gunjan is making hot parathas. Ranvi says let it be, I m getting late. Ratan looks at him. He says fine, I will have it and go. Gunjan serves him the roti and he likes it. Veera brings Baldev to jail and says she is reviving some childhood memories. He teases her about their child. She sees a teacher teaching wrong and says she will correct her. He says she will teach what she knows. She says yes, what can she or we do in this, kids have this in fate, they will learn what they get, its good Ranvi has sent me out of pind. She makes him realize about the need of school. He says what she talking to herself or me.

Gunjan asks Ranvi can she come with him to studio. Ranvi asks what will she do there. Ratan says she will be bored at home, take her. Ranvi says fine and takes Ratan’s blessings. They leave. Ratan prays to Lord that Ranvi and Gunjan’s distance ends. Baldev says lets go from here, I want to spend time with you. She takes him out and shows the grounds, and says how she used to play in her childhood. She sits on the swing and asks him to sit.

He asks what else will she make him do. The swing shakes and he gets up. He says its made for kids, it will break if I sit. She says yes, kids are light and their dreams are raw like birds. We should make them fly towards their dreams. He asks what does she want to explain him. She smiles and says this school has taught pind kids but its not similar to city school, if they have to learn more, they have to go out, and half studies can’t make their dreams true. She says come. He stands thinking.

She says she will order food and a lady comes there. She greets Baldev and he says I did not identify you. Veera greets her as Savita Madam and says she used to teach in city schools and now teaching in pind, she has high secondary school plan too. Baldev says good, what can I do. She says give me 5mins, I want to explain the plan. He says sure and she shows the plan. She says the facilities they can provide and kids can get good qualifications. Baldev looks at Veera. The lady says think and say about the plan and leaves. Veera asks him to think once, as school is necessary and our kids can also get same problem, they will not need to go out of pind if its here.

Dhingra tells Gunjan that Ranvi is not able to sing anything. The client tells Ranvi that he has taken much time, he can’t wait more. Gunjan looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so he wll patch up wth gunjan

  2. I hope that Baldev will agree to the plan for schools.

  3. ranvi can’t sing as gunjan is standing there

  4. Always getting troubles !! Cant they live peacefully ??

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