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Veera 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera seeing Baldev lying on the ground. She covers him with the blanket. Mahiya…………..plays……………. She shows her care towards him. They have an eyelock and recall their past moments. He turns and acts annoyed. She sleeps on the bed. Baldev recalls the jail torture, and imagines Rajveer beating him and Veera calling him murderer and laughing. He gets up and throws the vase in anger. She wakes up and looks on shocked as his hand bleeds. Ranvi comes to Veera’s room. He sees Veera’s pics and is sad. He sees the dolls and recalls Veera’s words that she is kicking him out of her life. He recalls Gunjan’s words. He says now you have grown up Veera, that you started hiding things from me and fighting with me and facing all situations alone.

He cries and says you have learnt to fly and trust your feathers, you don’t need your Veer ji now. Baldev pushes Veera asking her to stay away. She cries and says let me say. She gets first aid and he pushes her on the bed. She gets hurt. He says don’t dare to come to me or touch me. He sees the glass pieces and puts it on his wrist, saying if she comes towards him, he will cut his veins, he is not joking. She says leave it, why are you doing this, are you so annoyed that you are torturing yourself, do you hate me so much? He says yes, you said it right, I hate you a lot, which I haven’t done till now.

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She says I know Bansuri told you I went out against her permission, yes I went, but whatever I did was for us, its true I met Rajveer in police station and then… He says shut up, not a word more else I will kill you. He cries and asks how low will you fall, how long will you cheat me, how much will I bear. He pushes her away, and shouts. He starts laughing and says a man is mad, after a girl, he gives away his life who does not deserve him. He recalls their love and laughs. She cries seeing him. He falls. Mahiya………….plays…………..

Its morning, Veera thinks she has lost everyone’s words, and whatever I do, Baldev will think wrong and not trust me, I don’t care now, I will end the work I started, I have to know the truth. Baldev throws stone and erases Baldev loves Veera written from a wall. Mahiya………….plays……….. He recalls Veera’s words and seeing her with Rajveer. He cries sitting there. Jaggi comes to him and shows the messages retrieved on his phone, and it has Nihaal’s message also, lets go to lawyer and show the message, your case will be solved now. Baldev says Rajveer has deleted it, we will go to lawyer later, call Billa, I need info of some people. Jaggi says fine.

Veera thinks she has to get some info today and comes to meet Rajveer at his home. Rajveer is glad and says if I asked something else maybe that wish would be fulfilled too, I have seen you and day will go well. She says she got some food for him, and says she brought many items. He asks for whom, servant went out, he will come in some time. She says no, I will make cake myself. He says cake? Why are you lying Veera? She asks lie? Can’t I make cake for you?

He says you feel I don’t know. She asks what do you know. He says Ranvi told me you don’t know to make anything. She says I learnt many things before marriage, and even cake, I wanted to make it for you, so I came. He gets closer and asks will she make it for him, and smiles. She turns and he leans. She turns to him and he moves away. She says I forgot to get Badam/almonds. He says its fine. She says I can’t make cake without almonds, you get it from market. He says servant will come, I will ask him. She says no, it will be late, you go. He says fine, I will come in 10mins. She thinks she has to search his house in 10mins.

Baldev and Jaggi are on the way. Jaggi talks to Billa and tells Baldev that Billa is trying to find, but he is unable. Baldev says we have to find out. Billa calls them seeing the goons and asks them to come at the tea stall. Jaggi smiles and tells Baldev that they have found them at some nearby village tea stall. He says don’t get into this, we will see them, you are already caught. Baldev says they were arrested and are back here, it means they have come to meet the man who gave them the work. Veera looks for some clues in the house, and says there has to be something, some clue.

Baldev and Jaggi come to the tea stall and see the goons. Baldev says he has thought well, start beating. Jaggi beats Baldev as part of their plan, and the goons look on. Baldev and Jaggi fight. Baldev leaves. Billa asks Jaggi is he fine. Jaggi says we have to do something of this Baldev. The goons ask what happened. Jaggi says that Baldev is troubling everyone in pind, if I knew anyone can take money and beat Baldev, I can do that. They come to join Jaggi, and say such thing is not said in high tone. Billa says so what, who is here to do this work. They say we will do it, Baldev has other enemies, we got money to beat him few days back. Billa asks really, who is it, from our pind?

The man says we can’t tell anyone about it. Baldev hears it and gets angry. The servant comes and greets Veera. She thinks why did he come at this time. She asks him to clean later. He says no, Sir told me to clean first else I will lose my job. She sneezes and coughs. He asks what happened. She says I have dust allergy. He says why did you not tell before, I will get water. He goes. She checks the drawers and gets a diary. She sees a new paper cutting, and thinks whats imp in this which Rajveer kept it safe. She takes it and reads about a girl of Gurdaspur did suicide. She thinks Nihaal Chachu returned from Gurdaspur when he was murdered. Rajveer comes and says Veera. She is shocked and tensed.

Rajveer asks Veera to get Baldev’s phone. She thinks she has to win Rajveer’s trust and give Baldev’s phone. Baldev sees her taking his phone and is shocked.

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