Veera 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th June 2013 Written Update

Ranvi confesses he wents to see film but doesn’t reveals Baldev and his friends’ names.

Gurpreet taunts Kartar by saying he never was interested to save Ranveera but has his eyes on Ratan to which Kartar inturns taunts Gurpreet that she’ll never know the love for kids as she can never be a mother. Gurpreet is sad and Kartar walks away.

Bansuri dreams about Nihal.

Ratan is concerned about Ranvi’s protectiveness towards Veera as jumping in front of the tiger he endangered his own life. Ratan shares this with Nihal and he promises to tell Ranvi to be careful and also that he’ll protect the kids till he’s here. Ratan again asks why he’s doing all this for them?

Bansuri goes to meet Nihal and but comes face to face with Chaiji and gets to know that Nihal is staying at Ratan’s place and is disheartened.

Nihal starts tutoring Ranvi and assures him that he too will win a trophy for his good grades.

Bansuri, Balwant and Kartar goes to Ratan’s place to ask about Nihal’s health. Ratan is dressing Nihal’s wounds and both Bansuri and Kartar are jealous. Bansuri tries to show concern for Nihal and Balwant praises Ratan for taking care of Nihal.

On their way back, Bansuri parts way and Baldev sees Kartar is disturbed and asks whats the reason. Kartar defames Gurpreet saying she keeps picking fights with him and is mentally harassing him. He says she’s the one who stopped him from saving kids. Balwant is shocked and suggests he’ll ask Chaiji to speak to her. However, Kartar denies saying she might insult her. Balwant looks worried too.

A few ladies whose kids were trapped with Veera comes to thanks Nihal.

Ratan comes to wake Veera for school but Veera doesn’t want to wake up. Ratan forcibly pulls her covers to see Veera is already dressed for school. Taking Ratan by surprise, Veera starts laughing and jumping on the bed. Ratan looks angry.

Ratan gets a call from Ranvi’s school. Worried, Ratan rushes to find out what’s wrong. :

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