Veera 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera telling everyone that they all come here for Biji and Nihaal Chachu’s marriage. Everyone is shocked. Ranvi shouts Veera and looks at her angrily. Veera says listen to me. He says are you mad to think this. He asks is this a joke. She says no, so I did all arrangements. She says see Biji once, she has taken care of us all her life. She gave her life to us and to our dreams, does she not have a right to fulfill her dreams, is she not human, does she not have like and dislike, she is a woman, she too has dreams, which she can’t share with anyone. Ratan cries. Ranvi says Biji is not alone, we are with her. Veera says we are grown up, you are married, I will also get married and will go, what about Biji then.

She says we will be her kids, we can’t be her life partner. She says you tell me, can anyone tale Gunjan’s place in your life, no right, then. She says a life partner is a life partner, I know Biji needs a life partner and I m sure Nihaal Chachu can be that, as he worries for her, he is her good friend and will support her all the life. She asks Ranvi to understand that Biji should have right to be happy. Ranvi says you forgot that you made us small, what do you think we are such children who will give our Biji’s responsibility to someone else, no I m not that son, I will take care of her and will always be with her, her happiness is first, you can marry and go, but I can’t leave her alone.

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He says I told you this many times and you don’t understand, how will you understand being in Baldev’s company. I know you filled this in your mind. He looks at Baldev. Veera says don’t drag him in this, it was my plan, he was just helping me. Ranvi says since Baldev came in your life, you think as he says. Veera cries. Ranvi says Baldev, you did this right. Amrit tells Simran see how is Ranvi talking to Baldev. Baldev says great, you should get claps. He claps and says whatever happens in your life, you blame Baldev.

Ranvi says I know…. Baldev says what you know, you don’t know anything. He says your sister Veera is smart, that Pind praises her and you think I m filling her mind, tell me Ranvi, how can this happen, as you think I don’t have mind. Ranvi says I know. Baldev says no, its always your happiness, thinking and opinion, what about us, are we fools, to be always wrong, Veera is trying to explain you that its for Ratan’s happiness. You are thinking only about your happiness, about your marriage. Ranvi says stop. Baldev says you shut up, you are thinking about what will people say, think about your mum.

Ranvi says you don’t teach me. Baldev says I will teach you, if you can’t see the truth, I will make you see it. He says you are Veera’s brother, so I respected you and got myself insulted, not anymore. He says you are a selfish man and you need to see the mirror. He says Veera, your Veer ji won’t need this marriage happen, as he does not care for your Biji. Baldev leaves. Amrit and Simran go after him. Veera says I love Baldev and want to marry him, I need your permission, but I m not asking this now, first I want my Biji’s happiness, its Diwali tomorrow. Chaiji says I m with Veera in this. Ranvi is shocked.

Chaiji says this is my thinking too, Ratan told me that Veera went to marry Baldev, I knew what is Veera doing, it was my responsibility to bring Ratan and Nihaal here, and I did it, now I want them to get married soon. Ranvi says Chaiji, you also feel this that I can’t take care of my Biji. Chai ji says no, I want to see Ratan happy. Ranvi says you did not do this right, my Biji does not need to marry. Veera says how can you decide alone, its Biji’s life and she will decide, why do you feel its her insult, I know what Biji wants. Ratan says you have become smart and talking about my happiness, tell me, did you ask me once before doing all this.

Veera tells Ratan this is right, don’t worry what Pind people will say. Ratan says if you think this, you won’t know your Biji, I m thinking what wrong I did that you felt this, did you feel I m bad and being a mum is burden, or I killed my dreams, I m happy in my life, its my life, I never thought to remarry and will never think. Nihaal looks on with an upset face. Ratan says if you respect your Biji, then you won’t raise this question again. Ratan leaves. Ranvi asks Veera is she satisfied now by hearing Biji’s answer. They all leave. Veera cries hugging Chaiji. Chaii says don’t blame yourself, you did the right thing, what to do now, Ranvi does not want to understand.

Veera folds hands and apologizes to Nihaal. Nihaal says no, don’t do this, I m always with you and your family. He hugs her. Bansuri tells Balwant to see what Veera did and how Ranvi blamed Baldev. Balwant says our son did the good thing for the first time, wahst wrong in this. She asks is this right. He says yes, I m proud of Veera to have high thinking. He says what about traditions. He says humans made it, what if kids are grown up, Ratan needs someone, she is alone since long, if Nihaal is ready to marry her, whats wrong. She says it means if I die, you will marry, I think you would have married Ratan before Nihaal if I died. He scolds her. Amrit says you are right, but Bansuri is also right.

She says look at me, my husband died some years ago, did I marry again, and a woman has to spend life alone. Bansuri says yes, they should be like Amrit. Balwant says he is trying to sell mirror to blind people, he can’t do anything, and not even Veera. He leaves. Veera comes home. Ranvi scolds her. He says you made a scene of our family. She says yes, you care for it. He says its wrong. She says its not wrong. He says did you hear what Biji said. She says she said no as you said no. He says what will you get by this. She says I worry for Biji, you think you will go Mumbai for your career, I will go to my inlaws, what about Biji and Chaiji. He says he won’t leave his Biji and hurts his hand.

His hand bleeds. Ranvi says stop saying this, I m hurt myself. Ratan sees them and stops them. She says you both always fight, I m not marrying Ranvi, as I don’t want to do second marriage. He says stop fighting for Lord’s sake. Veera cries.

Veera tells Baldev that they will be away till Ranvi’s anger goes. Baldev gets angry and tells his friends that he wants to teach a lesson to Ranvi. Baldev leaves in anger. Jaggi says its too much, what if Baldev can’t teach him a lesson, we can teach him a lesson.

Update Credit to: Amena

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