Veera 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera and Baldev talking about the mall and school matter. Manjeet hears them. She says school is best for pind, mall will increase pollution, traffic, if people see others buying, then will feel low and explains her point. He says you are thinking just bad, this will get solved. He says your Biji asked to return land, so you are asking for it. She says no, the difference is about other opinion, don’t think I will not support you, I just know if Biji agreed to mall, people will point her first and then you, so think well before doing anything. She leaves.

He throws the mall plan and Manjeet comes to him. She says he is not doing wrong and people bring hurdles in right work, they will scare you, you be adamant on your decision, when the mall is made then the progress will come on own and shows the benefits. She asks why did Panchayat give land to this family, as they knew you will take care, so its your right to take decision about it, if you change from your words, people will think you don’t have any thinking of your own and you are other’s servant, stay on your decision, explain Veera.

He says she is not understanding. She says what is she doing, she claims to love you and not understand this little thing. Chai ji tells her friend about Ratan making a school in pind. Ratan comes and greets them. She says she has work and goes. Chai ji says even I have work and the ladies go. Gunjan says Ranvi is not taking my call and sees Ratan worried. She says she will apply the balm and massages her head. Ratan says everything is fine. Gunjan says she will get tea and asks her to freshen up. Chai ji asks Ratan what happened, I know your face is showing me, you are much worried.

Ratan says Baldev came in panchayat to return papers and he said he will make mall. She says panchayat started arguing. Chai ji says time will solve all problems. Ratan says don’t say this to Ranvi and Gunjan, they are already worried. Gunjan brings the tea. She sees them worried and asks what happened. Chai ji says she is tired as she resumed work after long time.

Veera says she is going to Biji and asks did he think what she said. He says he understood what she said. She says it means you took the decision. He says no, I have to think more, you go, I will talk later. She leaves. He gets a call from his friend who asks him what did he think about mall. He says he took the decision, he will not return land to Panchayat, he will make mall. Veera comes back and hears this. He sees her and ends the call.

Veera says she is going to meet Gunjan. Bansuri says remind them to take me in function and goes to get ready.

Veera comes to meet Ratan. Ratan says Gunjan is in her room, and asks about Baldev. Veera says he was busy. Ratan asks her not to bring land matter in between them, she will solve it, Baldev is not wrong and we will see his opinion. Veera says but he took his decision and did not think of my opinion. Ratan says don’t worry, panchayat will decide. She asks her to calm down and explain Baldev. She asks her to meet Gunjan. Gunjan gets ready. Veera comes to meet her.

Gunjan shows her dress and Veera wishes her all the best. She gives her positive hope. Gunjan says yes. Veera says Bansuri asked to pick her. Gunjan says Ranvi is not taking call, Biji might be waiting. She calls Gunjan and asks about Ranvi. Gunjan says he did not come, we will come to take you. Ratan compliments Gunjan. Veera asks Gunjan to call Ranvi. She says he is not taking call.

Bansuri calls again and Gunjan says she will call later. Chai ji calls Ranvi and Dhingra says Ranvi is on stage. Gunjan gets upset. She cries and says Dhingra to wish the best to Ranvi from all. She says what would she talk, Ranvi took decision to go without her, and runs to her room. Veera says listen to me. Gunjan says don’t say everything will be fine and cries. She says Ranvi does not like to take you along, he hates you. Bansuri scolds her for going with Ranvi alone and Gunjan scolds her. She says she is at home and Ranvi did not take me. She throws the phone.

Balwant comes and talks to Baldev. Manjeet tells about mall matter and Balwant is glad. She says Balwant should not see the papers else he will know the land is of panchayat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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