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Veera 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev talking to his friends about Veera and Rajveer. Jaggi and Billa say she might have met Rajveer for your case, she can’t cheat you, she is bearing a lot staying with you, don’t doubt on her. Bansuri calls him. Rajveer gets ready. Veera goes to meet him at his home, and talks to him at the door. Rajveer says I knew you will come. Veera says I told you, then how would I have not come. Baldev is shocked hearing this. Veera goes inside the house. Baldev gets angry recalling Bansuri;s words and seeing Rajveer and Veera together. Mahiya………….plays………….. He removes the coat and shows, and walks barefoot on the hard sand.

Rajveer tries holding Veera’s hand, and she turns. He moves away and says he is glad seeing her here She says even I m happy coming here, I get happy coming out of Baldev’s house, its like punishment to stay with Baldev. He says just few days, I will send Baldev behind jail and get him hanged. She says I sometimes think when Ranvi gave your hand to me, why did I not say yes, I wish I said yes. He says I also love you, I mean I like you since I saw you the first time. She thinks he has come to Veera from Veera ji. She smiles and asks just like, I want to say something if you don’t feel bad, I don’t think you just like me.

Rajveer says yes, you are right, I accept this, I love you a lot, since your first sight. She is shocked and smiles. She recalls their meetings and how Baldev alerted her always. He holds her hair and says its true that love does not hide. She smiles and says so I started feeling. She thinks he is saying right, I should ask him about Baldev’s case. He says I wanted to make you mine, so I told Ranvi, I knew useless Baldev does not deserve you. She says yes, but who thought Baldev will be blamed for murder. He says leave it, he will be separated from you, then just you and me. He holds her hand and she moves away.

Baldev comes home. Bansuri asks why did he come without warm clothes and shoes in so cold weather. Baldev says I don’t care. She asks did he go to see Veera, where did she go, say something, she is very clever, she did massage to my hair and run making me sleep, did she go to meet Rajveer. He recalls Veera and Rajveer. He goes to the room. She thinks wound is at heart. Rajveer asks Veera why did she go away, does she want to get separated from Baldev. She says yes, but I kept the relation since years and it needs time to break it, till I m his wife, how can I come close to anyone else.

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He says how can you talk like this being educated, the marriage which did not give you happiness, the husband who gave you pain, why are you thinking about it. She says I wish I did not marry Baldev and married you, and gave you love as you are giving me, but till everything gets sorted… He says till he goes to jail… She says yes, you can do it, I m afraid that he can get free, do we have all proof against him. He says don’t worry, he will be behind bars soon. She says till then, we can be just friends. He says why not and smiles.

Ranvi asks Gunjan what happened. Gunjan holds her feet and says I danced a lot in rehearsals and now getting pain. He smiles and takes care of her feet. She smiles and goes to kiss him. Their head strike. Veera tries knowing from Rajveer about getting Baldev punished. He says leave it to me. She says she has to keep asking till he says, its hard to make him tell it. She says I m sure of it and smiles. Gunjan tells Ranvi that a girl came there and fought with manager, saying I took her place. He says no one takes other’s place, you made your place by hardwork. She asks did he rehearse today. He says yes. She says you don’t know to lie. He says I don’t feel like doing anything these days.

She thinks she has to tell him, and says Veera met me. Veera comes home thinking about Rajveer’s love confession. Bansuri stops her and scolds her. Veera thinks who will support her, how long will she lie to meet Rajveer.

Veera comes to the room and sees Baldev. He recalls her and Rajveer. She sees him in wet clothes and removes his shirt. She makes him wear another shirt. She smiles and hugs him, asking why is he torturing himself, he knows she loves him a lot, he feels all this is drama. She cries. Ranvi says you feel Veera is not fine. Gunjan says we know Veera is hiding something, I trust her, she will solve her problems. Ranvi says how to trust her. Gunjan says when a bird sits on a weak branch, she trusts on her feathers, not on the strength of the branch. He asks what did she say. She says she did not tell anything, she is hiding something, she said she will say when time comes. He says he can’t say anything to you, me and Biji. He gets angry.

Billa tells Baldev about the people roaming in pind who were arrested. Baldev says how is this possible, that the criminals are freely roaming, and goes to confront them. Veera thinks she has to find out, and sees an old articles in diary, about Gurdaspur. She thinks Nihaal Chachu also went there and was returning when he died.

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