Veera 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 24th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer came to home and veera says, biji is gone to meet with gunjan bhabi. If gunjan bhabi said something wrong then biji will break every relation. Ranveer says, for what relation. Gunjan doesnt want like this relation and veera, you dont know anything. Gunjan will be happy with her decision. Veera says, veerji do you really like that gunjan bhabi is really want to break this relation. Ranveer says, yes. Baldev ask from bansari ji, dont get tensed. bansari ji says, i dont know why will gunjan put us on danger. baldev says, gets chilled and they got quarrel. Bansari ji says, if gunjan done something wrong this time then i will throw out gunjan from this home. Bansari ji ask from gunjan, what will samdhan ji said to you. Ki sayapa kiya hain tune??
Gunjan says, biji has asked some question and i have given answer of it. Now dont answer any question from me.
Biji came to home and veera ask from biji, what will gunjan bhabi said to you. Biji says, i will decided that you will get married again. Ranveer surprisingly says, biji, second marriage!!!! Gunjan doesnt have in its heart about ranveer.
Ranveer says, no biji, i dont want to get married again. Biji says, ok, dont get married, you want to see us in pain. you promised me that everything will happen according to me. Ranveer moves away from home. Veera says, biji, why are you doing this??? Gunjan bhabi loves ranveer. biji bring veera with her. Biji says, dont you think that i dont know that ranveer loves gunjan alot. I also want that ranveer and gunjan will become again one. YOu are right and now i know that gunjan also love ranveer but gunjan thinks that now ranveer doesnt love with her and here ranveer thinks that gunjan doesnt love him and for it, i decided all this plan. Veera says, wow biji, it is best idea to keep them together. Veera says, so biji what we will do next. Biji says, now ranveer will run towards gunjan and tell everything to her. Veera says, if he will not then. I know veerji will not says anything and for this we have to convince gunjan bhabi for it. Biji says, i cant do it.
BIJi says, i said to gunjan that ranveer will give you answer soon. Veera says, now i will send answer by baldev. Ranveer says, how will i marry with some other girl because i love you alot. Ranveer tries to text to gunjan but he doesnt.
gunjan also tries to text ranveer and says, biji has said that you will give answer. I know you love me alot, i want to live with you, you are my dream. Baldev tells to balwant tayaji that gunjan and ranveer relation will be broken down. Gunjan heard all this and cries and bansari ji shouts on her.
bansari ji says, she borned to let us down. baldev says, i didnt know that conversion will move so long. Baldev says, why are you shouting on gunjan, they break this relation. I will tell everything to ranveer. balwant tayaji says, we all go at their home and discus with them.

Precap:- Gunjan called ranveer and veera disconnected it.

Update Credit to: tushar

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