Veera 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Veera 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera, Ranvi and their friends thinking of playing bow and arrow. Veera excitedly asks the older guys whether she could play too and they agree. On the other side, Amar and his siblings are showing off their helicopter to everyone. Veera discovers an odd looking bird and wants to shoot it even after Ranvi telling her not to.

Ratan goes over to Balwant’s house to invite the guests over for dinner. Balwant praises Ratan and tells his guest how brave she is. Ratan and everyone is shocked to see Bansuri dressed up in western that was gifted to her by the guest’s wife. When alone, Bansuri tries pursuading Balwant to dress up as the guests for the dinner at Ratan’s but he tells her how she should feel pride in their traditional clothes and that being a Sarpanch’s wife, she has to be a role model for others. This pisses off Bansuri and she pushes Balwant away and walks out, leaving behind an exasperated Balwant.

Back outside, Veera aims at the helicopter and shoots, bringing it down almost immediately. Amar and the other kids are horrified and run towards their helicopter and Veera, Ranvi and his friends do too to see what kind of a bird it was. They soon discover what happened and Ranvi takes the blame on him while the Dehli kids go on insulting them.

A bet is made soon enough between the Dehli kids (Amar and the gang) and the Preetampura kids (Ranveera and friends) on who wins a race, a village bicycle or a city helicopter toy. Its decided that the loser will have to pay Rs. 1000 to the loser and if Veera wins, she gets to see the younger girl’s of the Dehli clan’s clothes and other things.

The race starts off well with both the parties cheering for their brothers. Veera ties a ribbon on Ranvi’s bike telling him she’d be with him wherever he goes as a reply to Ranvi’s statement telling her that as long as he has Veera by his side, he’d always win. The race went on good until Amar knocks down a milk-man from his bicycle with his helipcoter. Ranvi on the other hand stops to help the man up and this results in him losing the race and the bet.

Ranvi tells them that it was bad what they did to the milk man but the Dehli kids don’t care and ask them to pay their bet price. Sad Ranveera and friends look on defeated.

Precap: Ranveera go home where Chaiji asks Veera where she ran off with her lassi, but Veera sits on the bed exhausted and asks Chai ji its not the right time to ask her this question as she’s tired. Ratan reveals her guests for dinner, shocking Ranveera.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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