Veera 23rd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 23rd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera sitting outside the room till morning. He sees the door open and looks for Baldev. She goes out to find him and sees Geet. Geet tells her that Baldev went out, whats the matter, why is she worried. Veera calls Jaggi and asks about Baldev and Billa, maybe he knows, he is not at home. Balwant asks does she know about Baldev, he could not sleep all night, and Geet said he went in morning. She says yes, don’t worry, he has some work and went, you go and rest. He says fine, its my mistake, I should know you will manage him, I trust him and even then I got worried. He leaves.

Veera says she will get Baldev back and convince him. Gunjan gets ready and shuts the door. She calls someone and says she will learn singing. She says she will surprise Ranvi by singing well and till then she will not tell him. Ranvi comes and asks was she talking on phone. She says I was feeing bored and was talking to Biji. He apologizes for not giving time and says we will go to new Dhaba today. She says she gets love on him. He says she looks more pretty. She laughs and hugs him.

Geet tells Veera that she was coming to meet her, she will talk later. Veera says why. Geet says not this time, you look very worried. Veera says you also look worried, you were coming it share it with me. Geet says you opened doors of new life for me, but if Manjeet knows, she will kill me, she did not know yesterday, but if anything happens.. Veera asks her not to worry and spoil the day, we will be with you, don’t worry. Geet thinks Veera is solving everyone’s problems, why does Baldev and Bansuri think wrong about her.

Veera asks everyone about Baldev and says his phone is off. They say they did not see. She sees his jeep and asks him to stop. She runs after him to home and he goes inside the home. She comes and sees some other man, giving parcel to Bansuri. Bansuri scolds her for hurting Baldev. Veera says he is fine, nothing happened. Bansuri says he went away from you, realizing you ruined his life. Veera cries recalling Baldev’s words.

She talks to Ranvi and hides her pain, and he says about his rehearsals. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, and lies to him. Manjeet asks Geet to cook food soon and scolds her. Veera says she is taking Geet with her. Manjeet says fine, but come home soon. Gunjan gets sad seeing Ranvi and Geet rehearsing and recalls moments spent with him.

Veera comes to polyhouse and cries recalling Baldev. FB shows their happy times moments. Gunjan tells Ranvi that he is getting late. Ranvi says we have to go for dinner, so we will rehearse later. Geet says I will go home. Deepu says she will also go, her mum does not take her anywhere. Ranvi says yes, we all will go. Gunjan says why not. Geet says no, I have to go home, Veera lied to Manjeet to get me here. Ranvi says don’t worry, I will tell Veera to say something to Manjeet. Deepu asks her to come. Ranvi says come for Deepu’s sake. Geet says fine, but call Veera. He says sure. Gunjan says I will get ready.

They come to the Dhaba and Ranvi asks Deepu what will she eat. Deepu says Chole Bhature. Ratan asks her to order anything. A lady asks Ranvi about his next album. Ranvi says very soon, maybe next month. His fans request him to sing, and Deepu too insists. Ranvi smiles and agrees. He goes to sing, and he says Geet will also sing along, and everyone ask Geet to sing. Geet nods.

Geet sings Jogiya ve jogiya………… with Ranvi. Everyone like their song and smile. They all clap for them, Gunjan thinks she should be with Ranvi, she has to learn singing in one week and be with him soon. Veera gets sad and thinks about Baldev. Manjeet calls her and scolds her. Veera says I will come soon. Manjeet asks her not to spoil Geet like her. Veera calls Ranvi and asks him to bring Geet soon. She says she will come there and take her home. He says fine, come.

Veera comes there and says she has come to take Geet. They all ask her to join them, while she refuses. She smiles seeing Deepu. Baldev comes there and claps.

Veera asks Baldev not to create any issue. Baldev misbehaves and asks her to come with him. Ranvi shouts Baldev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God…this gets me irritated. Veera needs to leave this guy for god sake. She is becoming useless…

  2. Veera is trying really hard but its not worth it just leave and return to her place and make him suffer.

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