Veera 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri scolding Veera and saying Baldev will not agree to this, let Balwant come, see how we tackle the panchayat. Baldev says no, dad will return the land happily if he was here. He says I will also do this. Veera smiles. He says Ratan is sarpanch and what she thought is for pind’s benefit, I will return the land papers to panchayat tomorrow. Manjeet and Bansuri look at each other. Veera signs thanks to Baldev. Its night, Bansuri is angry as Veera wins always. Manjeet comes to her and asks why is she worried with such small problems, so Veera wins over her always. Bansuri says all the plans failed. Manjeet says its big chance and you did not see it.

She says Baldev said yes, but you did not see his face, he was upset. Manjeet says she will ignite fire between them. Bansuri smiles. Its morning, Baldev looks for Veera and sees her not in the room. He calls out and sees a letter. He reads it, she writes she is going to Ratan and everyone will wait for him there, love you. Manjeet comes to him and smiles. She brings tea and he asks her to sit. She talks about his decision in panchayat, will he give land back. He says yes. She says don’t know this will be right or wrong. He says we need school too. She says we have many schools in many pinds, but it did not make progress, class is half or vacant, no one comes, as they don’t know education can change life, they can understand when they see the life which is different, which you thought of mall.

She says if we make a mall, this will benefit everyone, they will get work and know they will have to study if they want to work in mall, the progress will happen which we want. He smiles and says great Tai ji, I did not know you can think this too. She says yes, everyone thinks I m orthodox. He says no, I think I should follow you, I will say everyone about you high mentality. She asks then what will he do now. He says the land is not mine. She says she knows the land belongs to the man who makes use of it, you are not taking money and doing this for the pind, Ratan may not agree, but I heard she is good and follow the right thing, if you show the right path, it will benefit everyone, think well. He nods. She smiles and leaves. He sees Veera’s letter and recalls her words that education is the best thing to give anyone.

The panchayat waits for Baldev. Veera tells Ratan that she spoke to Baldev, he will come, Baldev will return the land. Baldev comes there and greets everyone. The man asks does he know why they came here. Baldev says yes, the land which was allotted to my dad. Ratan asks his decision. Baldev tells his decision about the land that he does not wish to give the land to panchayat. They all are stunned. Ratan says we want the land for the school. He says he wants to make something that can benefit everyone and shows his plan of mall. He says everyone will be having benefit and they will wish to study to work in the mall. Some people agree and some don’t. They give mixed views and they feel pind can become city, but it needs to progress by hardwork. The men argue over school and mall.

The panchayat fights over the argument and Ratan asks them to calm down. Ratan says we are just discussing, you all first sit. She says we will see the benefits of both things and then decide. The man says Baldev is your son in law and you will favor him. Ratan says I did not do biasing till now, the panchayat will consider the pind’s good and take the decision.

Bansuri calls Gunjan and talks to her. She invites her and Ranvi for dinner. Gunjan says Ranvi is busy and today we can’t come, he has his CD release. Bansuri gets glad and says this program will be seen on tv. Gunjan says yes, he is big star. Bansuri says ask me to take me too. Gunjan thinks how to say things are not fine between us. She says just husband and wife are called, no one is coming from home. Bansuri says ask Ranvi to say everyone that I m his mum in law, and insists a lot saying its her wish. Gunjan says fine, come along. Bansuri gets happy and ends the call. She decides what to wear and before that, she will call her friends and say she will come on tv.

Gunjan talks to Dhingra and says Bansuri wants to attend the function. He says he is glad she is taking interest in this and he will arrange the passes. Ranvi comes to meet him and avoids Gunjan’s call. Dhingra tells him that he should come with Gunjan. Ranvi recalls about her pregnancy and she chose her career over baby. Dhingra says I have seen her rehearsals, she has passion and hardworking nature, she can do very well in this field. Ranvi recalls how she has hidden her pregnancy by her lies and then how they lost the baby. Dhingra asks will she wish to come in rehearsals. Ranvi says yes, this is her dream, she wants to do this. He gets annoyed and leaves.

Veera and Baldev have a talk at home. They both ask each other to understand. Manjeet hears them standing outside. She asks when you agreed for school, what happened then. He says I thought and changed the decision, I think mall is better than school, can’t I think on my own and different from you. Manjeet smiles.

Veera asks Baldev did he think what she said. He says I understood, I will talk later. He gets a call and his friend asks what did he think about mall. He says I decided.

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  1. Somehow the serial has lost its charm and continuing without any proper objective. Veera’s character seems to have forgetten about her real aim in life; to develop a krishi vidyalay in memory of her father. Somehow Baldev is too crude and the jodi is romancing like in any hindi movie.

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