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Veera 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri telling Baldev about Veera going out at night and lying to her. He says he does not care. She scolds him and says its Veera who is the cause of all problems, don’t ask me later about your wife. Veera comes to meet Rajveer at the police station, and says she made laddoos for him, he is the only one whom she can share this, she made this for him. He eats it and likes it. She holds her hand and I felt nice meeting your yesterday, I got a friend in you, thanks for support. He says I m always with you at every phase. She acts like being hurt and he asks what happened. She says nothing. He sees the red marks and says it looks like someone has twisted your hand. She thinks how applied makeup. She tells him that Baldev has beaten her.

Rajveer says how dare he, I will kill him. She says leave it, Baldev is going to jail, he killed Nihaal Chachu and he will get punished, as court date is getting near. She asks Rajveer about Baldev going to jail. He says don’t worry, he will go to jail, he will be charged for domestic violence, I will teach him a lesson here in lockup. She thinks he will beat Baldev and says no don’t do this, try to understand, he is Gunjan’s brother, my relation with her will turn bad. He says but how can he beat you, I can’t bear this. She says you are Ranvi’s friend, do you want any problem between him and Gunjan, just blame Baldev that he can’t be saved.

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Rajveer says don’t worry, even if there is no proof, I will get him punished. She asks what do you mean, can this happen he can go to jail without evidence. Rajveeer says I can do anything, I mean I will try. She asks what. He says lets not talk more, meet me at my home, we will talk there to get Baldev punished. She says fine, I will leave. He says tonight. She says yes and leaves thinking Rajveer will tell me how to frame Baldev and I will know how to save my Baldev. Bansuri hears everything and is shocked knowing Veera and Rajveer are framing Baldev. Ratan thinks about Nihaal and cries. Ranvi comes to help her. Ranvi says he knows her pain. She says don’t blame yourself, we did not think this will happen, whats written in fate happens, maybe we had to lose Nihaal.

Ranvi says Nihaal did not go away from us, he was killed, I promise I will get his murderer punished. She says Veera married Baldev as she was sure Baldev did not kill Nihaal I wish everything gets fine, and real culprit should be punished so that Nihaal’s soul gets peace, I will thank Lord if this happens. Ranvi says case is going court soon. Bansuri comes home and sees Baldev making the dog have cashew. She says the rate of cashew. He says its fine, we should give to them who value it, we should give this to jail inmates, you come when I go jail. She asks is he mad, your wife is taking advantage, she is meeting Rajveer, I have seen her. Veera was laughing and talking to him. Baldev gets angry and says what should I do, you do anything, beat her and kick her out, spare me. She says I can beat her, but your dad is her protector. He recalls her words and gets angry.

Veera comes home and thinks Rajveer has told he can do anything to get Baldev punished, I have to make him on my side to know his plan, and fail him. Bansuri stops her and says she saw her talking with Rajveer and laughing in police station. Veera says no, I went to ask questions about Baldev’s case. Bansuri says why, are you lawyer, you would have taken Balwant’s lawyer. Veera says enough. Bansuri scolds her. Veera thinks how will she go now to meet Rajveer.

Gunjan talks to the manager. Veera thinks to leave silently at night and Bansuri catches her. Veera says no, I m not going out, and lies to her. Bansuri asks her to go to her room, as he head is aching. Veera says she will massage and makes her sit. She thinks to make her sleep. She thinks Bansuri slept and leaves. Bansuri wakes up and says it means Veera is having an affair with Rajveer, I will catch you red handed and then I will see how will you come back here, no why should I go, I have a good way.

Baldev is drunk. Veera hugs him and asks what is he doing, he knows she loves him a lot, and he feels it’s a drama. She cries.

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  1. Nd omg i have read dat veera is gna get kidnapped by rajveer

  2. Errrr baldev is killin it badstylee hate him he shud support verra noww

    1. how can he support veera when she didnt believe him from the start, of course he wont believe her so easly. all he wants is someone to see how much he’s change and take his side, but veera didnt do that she doubt him, and in some case she still do, but thats why shes trying to find proof that baldev didnt do it. So of course she should know baldev wont take her side after her betrayal so the best option was for her to do it alone and show how much she loves him. So i support baldev 100%

  3. nice episode

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