Veera 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaggi telling Baldev that Ranvi will decide about Veera, so he should know about them soon, else it will be a problem. Veera checks for tickets. Ratan is glad and asks Ranvi to go free mind, as they will manage here. Veera says its tomorrow’s ticket available. Ranvi says so soon. Ratan says we will arrange everything. Gunjan says don’t worry, I will pack our luggage soon. Ranvi comes to her and says Gunjan……….. She says I kept your belonging, check it and tell me what else to pack. Ranvi says I feel I should go Mumbai alone, we don’t know anyone there and how can I take you there, I can’t keep you at improper place. He asks her to come later on. Gunjan asks will you go without me.

Ranvi says I m thinking about you. She gets annoyed and leaves. Baldev gets Veera’s call. She says she is trying to book tickets, and internet is not coming, so please book tickets from station. Balddev says fine, and thinks how to bring his love story on track. He says I will go to Ranvi and talk to him, asking for Veera’s hand. Baldev asks Jaggi to buy ticket for Ranvi. Jaggi agrees and asks him to focus on his work. Baldev says yes, you are right, but I m afraid, what to say that Ranvi gets happy from me and accepts me for Veera, if he says yes, everyone will agree. I will talk to Veera, she will help. Jaggi says no, she will deny to marry so soon.

Baldev says Veera will be happy hearing this, whats the right time, Lord won’t make any bad time. He leaves. Veera tells Ranvi that she has the expenses list of polyhouse. Ranvi says lets talk to Nihaal once. Baldev comes to them and says he came to help them. Veera says how sweet and asks him did he get the tickets. Baldev says Jaggi went to station. Ranvi asks Baldev to sit. Gunjan asks Baldev why is he here suddenly. Baldev says I came to help. Gunjan is upset. Ranvi says we should save money.

Baldev says he has a solution and he found new technologies and what they can use for polyhouse. Ranvi is glad with his hardwork. Veera smiles. Ranvi gets Nihaal’s call and says we are coming to polyhouse. Veera says all work is done, but one thing is there, which I want to be done. She says I want I do something for Ranvi, and I know he will be happy. Baldev says even he wanted to do this. She says how do you know. He says will our hearts have two different things, I thought you are shy. She says what shy, its feelings, I m happy, and its good chance. Baldev says yes, we should not be shy about feelings, I will do your work. Veera smiles.

Ranvi asks Veera to get some papers. Veera leaves. Baldev tells Ranvi that he has to talk something. Ranvi gets Nihaal’s call and says yes we are coming. Veera brings papers and Ranvi leaves with her. Gunjan packs Ranvi’s bag. Bansuri calls her and says Nihaal said Ranvi is going to Mumbai. Gunjan says yes, Bansuri asks is she also going. Gunjan says no, Ranvi said he will go first and then call me. Bansuri says yes, good. Gunjan ends the call stating she is busy. She cries seeing Ranvi’s pic.

Veera hears Gunjan crying and talking to Ranvi’s pic, that she will miss him a lot, how will she live here without him. Veera leaves. Baldev comes to office and sees no one is there. He calls Veera and she does not take the call. He says he will practice talking to Ranvi. He keeps a pot in Ranvi’s place and tells his feelings that we were enemies in childhood, and I was enemy of Veera also, and you used to fight with me to save Veera, we used to beat each other. He says no, if I tell about rivalry, Ranvi will refuse. He says I should say something good.

He says see Ranvi, you got my sister and now I want your sister, I want to marry Veera. He says no, its like commanding. He says see Ranvi, I love Veera, she also loves me and we could have run and got married, but no, Veera has values, I mean I also haave values, but different, we don’t want to cheat our families and run. A worker comes and Baldev is shocked. He scolds him. He turns and thinks the worker came again. Its Ranvi, and Baldev says you, and clears the matter. Ranvi says Veera went with Nihaal and asks what does he has to say. Baldev says yes, the thing is …………. Leave the childhood. I m going to ssay something, try to understand.

He turns and takes lots of time. He says I have grown up, you too have grown up, and Veera too, and Chaiji also. See Ranvi, I want to tell you that I love Veera and she also loves me. He turns to see Ranvi and Ranvi is gone. Baldev says where did he go, did he not like my decision and went. Veera comes and says she has to buy few things for Ranvi and says she will talk to Baldev on phone. Baldev says hear me once. She leaves. He says I want to set our matter before Ranvi leaves, but Ranvi went without hearing me. Its night, Ratan comes to Ranvi and gives money. She says it will be of use to him in Mumbai. Ranvi says I have money, you keep it. She says keep it, you may need it. He says but you need it too for polyhouse. She says don’t worry about here, keep it. Don’t know when you need what things, we won’t be there with you, I can help this way atleast. Ranvi thanks her and says he will fulfill their dreams in the dream city. Ratan asks him to fly high with his dreams and she trusts him. He hugs her.

Baldev writes a letter to Ranvi that he loves Veera, and veera too loves him. He gives the letter to Ranvi and says it has his ticket, see it. The letter does not come out of the envelop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Gunjan is much worried fr ranvi but veera is not….the love b/w veera and ranvi is not like childhood. ..writer else chznge the name of serial…I think its a gud it???

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