Veera 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi telling Anmol that he will not leave him. Anmol says it was your good luck that night, when I pushed you from 10th floor. Ranvi says it means Rishabh was innocent. Anmol says yes, I did all this, I blamed Rishabh to get him disqualified and tries to harm you, you performed everytime I stopped you, even after knowing Veera’s accident. Ranvi asks him to win by his voice and talent, don’t do this. Anmol says only I have to right on Junoon 2014 trophy, I m going now, as the finale will start in four hours. He asks the goons to not let Ranvi leave, he will tell what to do about Ranvi finally. He leaves. Ranvi says you can’t win like this. The goons take Ranvi and his chain falls there.

Baldev, Veera, Ratan and Gunjan come to see Ranvi in the finals and reach the venue. Ratan says its Veera’s and everyone’s dream, and not became Ranvi’s dream. Veera says yes, he will sing very well and win, don’t worry. They go inside. Gunjan says from here Biji, this is VIP entry. They smile. Ratan says can we meet Ranvi. Gunjan says yes, he might have come from conference. Ranvi is beaten up. Everyone is shocked knowing there was no press conference. The crew member says I did not message, find him and bring him here, the competition is starting. Gunjan prays for Ranvi and tells everything how Rishabh tried to kill him. Everyone is shocked.

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Gunjan says yes Biji, Ranvi faced many problems here, Ranvi asked me to hide this. She says I feel someone is planning against him. Anmol hears them and smiles. Veera says don’t worry, we will find him. Anmol acts sweet and asks Gunjan what happened. Gunjan says Ranvi is missing. Anmol says what, maybe its Rishabh’s plan to take revenge. Megha comes and hears everything. The crew member asks Anmol to come for rehearsals. Anmol says where did the taxi take him, I hope he comes soon. He leaves. Megha says we should go to Rishabh’s home. Gunjan says yes, I know him.

Megha and Gunjan leave. Ratan prays for Ranvi. She says who can do this, I m afraid.Veera pacifies her. Veera says I don’t find Anmol good, he is strange, he is showing fake concern. She asks them did they notice, Anmol told about taxi. Baldev says yes, what does this mean. Veera says how did he know Ranvi went in taxi. We did not tell him, then how. Baldev says yes. Vishnu asks you mean Anmol did all this. Veera says Anmol told Ranvi about my accident before his performance. Vishnu thinks about Anmol who framed Rishabh.

Vishnu says yes, Anmol is not like he looks, he showed proof against Rishabh, Anmol was missing in party when Ranvi went to terrace, I think Anmol is behind this. I think Anmol kidnapped Ranvi. They are shocked. Ranvi is tied to the pillar. The goons leave. Ranvi tries to cut the rope. Rishabh tells Megha and Gunjan, I did not do this, Anmol is after this, as I m already out, who will be benefited by this. They leave to find Ranvi so that he can go in finals. Anmol rehearses and Veera, Ratan and Baldev get his phone.

Baldev uses his phone and talks to the goons. He tries to know the address. Ratan cries and says Anmol’s goons have kept Ranvi. Baldev says how to find out where is he. Vishnu says how will we reach him. Veera thinks of the taxi number. Vishnu gets the taxi driver details by the number. Veera talks to the driver and asks where did he drop Ranvi. She says fine, we will come there. Vishnu says bring Ranvi fast as we don’t have time. They leave.

Veera calls Gunjan and says we found the address, we will get him, just go to venue and manage, Ranvi will perform in finals, his dream will be fulfilled. Gunjan asks her to come fast. Veera talks to the driver and asks him to take her to the address. He brings her to the godown. Everyone call out Ranvi’s name and try to find him. The goons ask Ranvi to sing a song for them. Ranvi beats them and cuts the rope. He runs from there by beating them red and blue. Baldev. Veera and Ratan come there and look for him. The goons try to beat him with rods, but Ranvi fights well.

Ratan asks Veera where is Ranvi. Veera says no. Baldev says he is not here, I don’t think he is here. Veera sees some thing and stops. She gets the rakhi. Rabba……………………plays……………………. She says it’s the one which she tied him. She says its here, it means Ranvi is here. The people in Pind is excited to watch Ranvi’s performance. Dev starts the show and says Sharib and Toshi will give a grand performance in our grand finale. Ranvi is caught by the goons. Ratan, Veera and Baldev come there and save him. Baldev beats the goons. Sharib and Toshi sing the song Main Tenu Samjhawan ke……………………. Ranvi and Baldev beat the goons. Ranvi says lets leave, the finale started there. They start leaving. The goons catch Ranvi and put a knife on his neck. Everyone is shocked. They ask everyone to move back else they will kill Ranvi. Baldev says stop.

The audience cheers for Ranvi. Dev says I know you all are eagerly waiting for him and tells Ranvi that I have to declare Anmol the winner as I m helpless seeing Ranvi absent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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