Veera 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ranvi telling Veera his desire to get his first earnings to his beeji as his father had told him to, but worrying about the fact that if he takes the money to her, she would know he bunked school. Ranvi also talks to Veera about how much he enjoys working at the pottery shop. He says he feels like a grown up man there. Veera then suggests him that he could make things for everyone using the mud. Ranvi too thinks about it.

Ratan and Chaiji are talking about Nihaal and the woman he loves. Chaiji is wondering who the woman is and Ratan says she would love to know about the woman he talked about to her son.

Bansuri tries convincing Balwant at their house to get Kartaar and Nihaal married. Bansuri says they both are alone and young, so they should marry. Balwant is left thinking.


their home, Ranvi is tensed as to how to get inside without Ratan inquiring him about his dirty uniform. Veera is then shown running inside the house screaming as she clutches her stomach. Chaiji and Ratan get worried and run after her, as she locks herself in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ranvi sneaks into the house and runs upstairs as Veera continues to fake a stomach ache.
When she is sure Ranvi has gone up, she comes out and acts as if everything is normal and nothing happened.

After freshening up, Ranvi and Veera think about how to get the money to Ratan. Ranvi stands in front of Sampooran’s picture and asks him to show him a way. Jus then Ratan is about to come out and Veera pulls Ranvi, and the money falls onto the ground. Ranvi and Veera hide behind the pillar as watch as Ratan picks up the money and inquires Nihaal about it. As Nihaal says theyre not his, she takes the money and places it in the mandar. Ranvi and Veera are happy.

Nihaal has gone over to Balwant’s house to tutor Baldev and Gunjan, Ranvi Veera not present. Bansuri stands behind a wall and watches him through a hand mirror, as she drools on him. She takes the opportunity of RanVeera not present and goes to Baldev and Gunjan and taking Nihaal’s permission, sends them away to get her some grocery. They go, as Nihaal is tensed at the thought of being home alone with Bansuri.

Bansuri goes and turns off the power and calls out to Nihaal saying she is scared and wants him to hold her so she won’t be scared. Nihaaal says he would go and fix it, but she says she will help him find it, he should hold her first. Bansuri goes forward and hugs a figure in the dark. Lights come back on and its revealed that it was Balwant she had hugged. Nihaal in hidden words asks Balwant to control Bansuri by saying he should control the electricity of the house, as he looked at Bansuri. He also said you’re never sure when it cracks.

Veera and Ranveer go to the mazaar and after Ranvi prays, Veera prays for Ratan’s second marriage, as Balwant hears everything. He questions himself whether it was a sign to get Kartaar and Ratan married.

Precap: Nihaal saying he felt in love with a woman almost suddenly but surely. Ratan is seen on the phone, far away while Nihaal talks to himself mesmerized. He says that the woman is you. He is unaware of Chaiji standing at the back, overhearing everything. She is shocked at learning Nihaal loves Ratan. :

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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