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Veera 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi singing the Bhajan ……..…. Mata Waliye Shera Waliye…………… Everyone smile and come to pray in the temple. Veera is glad and hugs Ranvi. The pandit blesses Ranvi and says Lord have given you this voice as blessings, don’t deny this. Ranvi apologizes to everyone, his singing talent has linked him to Lord since childhood, it’s the blessing to him, he thanks everyone. He says Veera made him realize this, by bringing him here. He says my soul said I can’t suppress my singing, but take it ahead. For my Lord, my family, and my Pind’s dreams. He says I will make my singing reach heights and make everyone proud.

Ranvi comes to Gunjan and imitates her. She smiles. She then starts imitating him. It’s a cute scene. He hugs her and they smile. He says forgive me Gunjan, I have hurt you a lot. She apologizes to him for hurting him. He says I love you. She says I love you too. He kisses her. He asks her to imitate this now. She gets shy and hugs him. Veera comes to the office and sees the lock. She says why did Baldev not come till now. She opens the lock and gets Baldev’s call. She asks why did he not come. He says she is looking good. She asks where is he. He praises her looks and beauty. He hides and looks at her.

She asks him to come out. He says he won’t come out easily, and says you have to work hard to see me, but you are my girlfriend, lets make it easy. He says he is testing her love and asks her to find him, if she comes close, he will be glad, if she goes away, he will make her know. She asks what is this and finds him. He holds her and says now you are looking mine. She says I won’t get impressed by this stupid things. He asks then by what. She gets shy and turns. He says tell me, oh I got it, so you want a kiss. He stops her and says fine, I will kiss you if its your wish. She says I did not say it.

He gets closer. Yaara ve………………plays……………… She sees Nihaal coming and stops him. He sees him and she leaves. At Ratan’s home, everyone come back after work to have lunch. Ranvi asks Nihaal about the work at site. Nihaal says great, everyone is working happily as its their dream too. Veera signs Nihaal to tell it. Ratan asks do they have to say it. Nihaal says we think Ranvi needs a good platform to show his talent, we feel Ranvi should go to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. Ranvi says Mumbai. Veera says yes, you won’t get a chance in Mumbai, I heard everyone’s dreams get fulfilled there.

Ranvi says but I have duties here, family, home, fields, Krishvidyalaya. Veera says we are not asking you to go forever, just go there and make your voice reach people, then you will get big chances. Ranvi says but………. Chaiji asks him to fulfill his promise to make their dreams true. Ranvi says give me some time to think. Veera says fine, but give me positive answer. Gunjan smiles. Nihaal looks at Ratan as she is tensed thinking Ranvi will leave.

Nihaal comes to Ratan and asks is she not happy with this. She says no, I m very happy, I want to see him win, but I m afraid that he can get cheated even in Mumbai, that city has many people whose dream breaks, he is very innocent and don’t know how will he face if anything goes wrong, here we all were there to support him. Nihaal smiles and says the woman who is the first woman farmer and first woman sarpanch, she is so afraid. He says if you so afraid, how could you do all this what you achieved, Ranvi is your and Sampooran’s son, you are his strength, no one can stop him, get over your fears and let him go to win the world. Ranvi hears this standing behind.

Nihaal asks Ranvi to go, as he will take care of the work at Pind. Veera also convinces Ranvi. Ranvi agrees to go to Mumbai. Jaggi tells Baldev that Ranvi won’t accept him for Veera, once he becomes a star in Mumbai, he will get a city guy for Veera. Baldev gets worried.

Gunjan packs Ranvi’s bag. Ranvi says he won’t go alone and she looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. veeba went to poland… oue ranjan will go to mumbai…..pre and post marriage honeymoon….wah….yehi karte raho…..story geyi vaar main…..

  2. Awesome episode.. but not very exicting story. . I liked ranvi and gunjan di scenes. .i love your acting gunjan di

    1. Oh hiii.. 🙂
      Gunjan di?
      You must be elder than her right?
      HUEHEUUE.. 🙂

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