Veera 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera opening the first present to reveal an alarm clock. Veera says she doesn’t need one to wake up as she has Ranvi, but Ranvi says she is growing up now so she needs to start waking up herself. He asks her to open the second gift. Veera opens it to find letter envelopes with ‘Ranvi’ written on all of them. Veera asks why would she need those, and Ranvi explains that whenever he’s away, she should send him a letter. The confused Veera opens the third gift to reveal hair bands. Ranvi tells her that if she isn’t able to make the perfect ponytail, she should wear those. Veera asks him why would she need those if he’s with her? He just says she might and asks her to open the last gift. She opens the fifth gift to reveal a tape recorder. Veera is confused seeing the gadget

and asks Ranvi about it. He tells her how to operate it and tells her that he has recorded her lullaby in it and whenever she can’t sleep, she just needs to press a button. Veera is happy and tells Ranvi that when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she won’t wake him up but just listen to it and sleep back.

Veera then asks Ranvi to gift her something she wants. He says anything. She asks him to somehow make her touch the moon. Ranvi first gets upset thinking of the impossible, but then gets an idea. He brings a bucket full of water and shows Veera the reflection of the moon. Veera touches it and is very happy. She hugs Ranvi and tells him he fulfilled her wish, happily. Ranvi tells her to look at the moon and think of him when she misses him. Veera asks him why would she miss him and Ranvi tells her that since he is too little right now, he can do nothing about it and that Veera would have to go with Naana Naani ji to their village. This angers Veera and she throws the tiara and tries to run out and when Ranvi tries to calm her down, she scratches him and runs out in the hall. She calls out to Nana and Nani ji, who come down listening to her yell. So does Ratan.

Veera screams to them that she isn’t going to go anywhere. She tells them she woulnd’t leave this village or her Veerji. Nana, Nani and Ratan look at her in shock. Ranvi too is sad. Ranvi throws a pillow at Nana ji and tells them she wouldn’t go anywhere. Chaiji too comes and is shocked. Veera then runs upstairs and sits on the bed, upset. Ranvi goes to her and tries cheering her up, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Then she sees the scar on Ranvi’s arm due to her nails and feels guilty. She sees him crying and apologizes and blows on it. Ranvi tells her he is crying because she is going. Veera saus she doesnt want to go. Ranvi tells her its necessary right now and after sometime, he would bring her back. She rests her head on his lap and Ranvi keeps promising her. Veera falls asleep while Ranvi is talking.

Ranvi lays her properly, puts a pillow under her head and gets up, but Veera is clucthing onto his kameez. He carefully frees himself. He brings the rakhis to the bed, makes Veera touch all of them and promises Veera that every year he would tie a rakhi on himself, on behalf of her.

In her room, Ratan is crying looking at a photo of Veera and Ranvi and Chaiji looks on sadly.

Ranvi packs up all Veera clothe’s in the bag he had bought for her, while Veera sleeps on. Later in the night, Ranvi spends the night crying.

In the morning when Veera wakes up, she finds Ranvi nowhere. She sees the packed bag and gets sad. Chai ji, Nihaal all look for Ranvi. Ratan comes and tells them she found a letter by him. The letter says that he is going out for a while, he wouldn’t be able to see Veera leave. Nana ji hears it all. Veera comes down looking for her Veer ji. Chai ji tells her he’s out for a while and that she would make her hair for her.

She goes aside with Chaiji who combs her hair, her attention towards the door waiting for her Veer ji. Ratan goes to Chai ji and asks her to let her make Veera’s hair. Chai ji silently moves aside. When Naana ji smiles at Veera, Veera thinks to herself that the man is getting happy because he thinks he will take her away from here, but she would be so mischievious, that he would have to drop her back here.

Veera compliments Chai ji saying that she makes a wonderful ponytail, has her Veerji taught her?she says she won’t be able to come to the village where she is going, nor would her Veerji, which upsets Ratan and Chai ji and even Nihaal, who walks out from there. Chai ji steps in front and Veera asks her if she’s here, then who is making her hair? Chai ji smiles and points towards Ratan. Veera turns around and is really happy to see Ratan make her hair. Screen freezes at her happy face.

Precap: Everyone except Ranvi is gathered to bid farewell to Veera. Veera tells Nihaal, Chaiji and her Beeji that she going. She cries as Ranvi isn’t there. Naana and Naani too look on sadly.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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