Veera 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Veera speaks to Nihal thinking he’s a messenger of God and even jokingly complains about Chaiji’s bickering. Chaiji rushes behind her to hit her with a pillow and they have a fun moment. Ratan tells Ranvi that she made Veera speak to Nihal when he asks her the same.

The next day at school, one boy comes and praises Ranvi. Veera looks happy and stops another boy and asks him to praise Ranvi too. He does and leaves and Ranvi asks Veera why is she forcibly stopping the random guy and asking him to praise Ranvi like a Gundi. When Veera asks him what does that mean, he gets nervous and says that she can ask Moti Chaiji when they reach home. In the meanwhile another guy comes and Veera stops him too. But he refuses to praise Ranvi and Veera causes his fall by sticking out her leg. Ranvi scolds her and she inturn scolds her leg. Both the kids share a laugh.

The village people praises Ratan when she drives the tractor through the lanes. Ratan reaches the farm and asks Nihal to start loading the sacks of grains. Nihal says they should thank the Almighty first and then pick the grains. Ratan agrees and while Ratan is praying, Nihal’s eyes are on her. Nihal offers the finish loading the grains by himself but Ratan disagrees. Later, Ratan apologizes to Nihal for calling him when Veera insisted to speak to God’s Messenger. They both laugh at Kartar whose watching this from afar gets jealous. Gurpreet comes to help Kartar but he says its not a female’s job. Gurpreet says but Ratan Parjai does he’s all praise and Kartar gets irked asking if she wants to be Ratan now. To which she replies that she wants her old Kartar back. Kartar gets ashamed and leaves.

In Ranvi’s class Ranvi recalls his accounts and teacher explains how they shouldn’t ever defy their parents. Ranvi too agrees. One of Ranvi’s classmates asks if Ranvi found anything about his father to which Ranvi gets upset.

In the school playground, Ranvi is being praised but Baldev is making fun of Ranvi about him not being able to get his Papaji back. Veera sees this and starts praising Ranvi while she jumps around not letting Baldev speak at all. Baldev gets irked and leaves, Ranvi looks on.

Nihal is trying to park the tractor as per Ratan’s instructions and accidentally ends up breaking a potted flower plant. Ratan chides him but later realizes her folly and apologizes. She sees her scarf is stuck on the pole on the roof and rushes to put it right. Nihal keeps watching her with admiration and acknowledges her various qualities and why he fell for her. He smiles to himself.


Nihal, Chaiji and Ratan are seated and Ranvi questions Ratan why no one in Amritsar knew about Sampooran and why even though they were there they didn’t look for him. Ratan is speechless while Nihal and Chaiji are nervous.

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