Veera 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 21st March 2013 Written Update

Ranvi runs after bus seeing it taking off, the tiffin box in which he put the sweets he bought falls from his bag.
Nihal consoles Ratan saying they will find Ranvi soon. Ratan says after Sampooran she lived for the sake of Ranvi, if Ranvi isn’t with her, she has no reason to live. She further tells it’s all Sampooran’s fault.
Kartar calls Ratan asks why didn’t tell him about Ranvi. Ratan explains to him as to how she didn’t have time to tell and since Nihal was there, he came with her in search of Ranvi. Kartar asks her to tell where they are, he further tells her she can’t be with Nihal as he is a stranger to which Ratan says ” he isn’t that Stanger, I’ve faith on him ” and cuts the call. Bakhtawar taunts Kartar about his importance in Ratan’s life being decreased.

Ratan and Veera are at the place where Rv bought sweets for Veera. Veera sees her tiffen box ( which fell out of Ranvi’s bag) shows it to Ratan. They find out that bus for Amristar left few minutes ago. After hearing this, Nihaal drives the jeep in high speed so that he can catch the bus, there is a fight on the road they are unable to move.

Ratan, Veera and Nihall in Amritsar bus stand, searching for Ranvi. Ratan is checking in a bus, Ranvi is sleeping in the same bus but Ratan couldn’t see him. Ratan and Veera calling for Ranvi, Ranvi hears Veera’s voice but unable to see her. Veera titile song in background, Ranvi tells himself that he has reached Amritsar and will soon find his papji.

Ratan , Veera and Nihaal still searching for Ranvi, Veera consoles a dejected Ratan, Nihall tells her she shouldn’t go weak and they will find Ranvi soon.

Pre-cap: A man who sees Ranvi’s pic in Veer’s hand tells about seeing him.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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