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Veera 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Jaggi and Billa to get Nihaal’s phone. They agree to get it, and he thanks them calling them his true friends. Bansuri is angry and frustrated and calls Veera selfish as she did not go with Ranvi, and still in her house. Balwant comes and defends Veera. Veera comes to meet Rajveer at night, and says I did a mistake, I should have not married Baldev, you were right. He asks her to come inside. She says I don’t know and thinks to fool him in her words. He says sit, and tell me everything. She says she married Baldev and did mistake, and now even Ranvi does not support her, she came to him as he wants good for her. He gives her water and asks what happened. She says I feel Baldev has changed. He asks why, what did he do. She says his anger and there are many things, everything has limits, he crossed the limits, I can’t live with him now. She cries. He smiles and says he is sad knowing this.

He says he is not shocked, as she loves Baldev and he could not tell he was not right for her. She asks did he feel this what Baldev is not right for me, even Ranvi told this, now what should I do. He says your fate has someone who loves you, takes care of you, keeps you happy and values you. She asks how can this happen, I m married to Baldev. He says marriage is not cage, no need to be afraid of Baldev, he will be behind bars in few days, start a new life forgetting everything. She thinks so he wants this, now she is sure she has trapped Baldev. He says its dinner time, have dinner with me, as I always stay alone, I will feel good. She says not today, thanks for listening to me, for supporting me, for proving yourself a good friend, I know I can come to you and get peace.

He says you can come here anytime. She says thanks, and leaves. He thinks what I wanted has started happening, oh Veera………… Billa comes to police station and gives sweet to the constable. He insists him to have it. Baldev and Jaggi looks on. The constable eats it. Baldev asks how much bhang he added. Jaggi says the work will be done. All staff eats it. Veera comes home. Bansuri stops her and asks where did she go. Veera gets tensed. Bansuri scolds her. Veera says she went to her friend’s home. Veera names randomly. Bansuri says I went there, why did I get this liar. Veera says fine, I lied, but it has a reason, I m doing this for Baldev. Bansuri says stop it, Baldev does not want you to stay here, now I understand why he is running away, I will tell Balwant, maybe Baldev has seen your true colors, and maybe you came here to avoid Ranvi, I will tell everything to Balwant. Veera cries and thinks when will Lord stop testing her.

Ranvi thinks about Veera’s words. Gunjan sees him upset. She says there has to be some reason if Veera is supporting Baldev, she is grown up now, she has right to take her decision, maybe she knows something which we don’t know. Ranvi says you got smarter than me. She says you feel I just think about myself. He apologizes and says I don’t know how you bear me. She says I love you. He asks about her rehearsals. She says I did not go. He says fine, I will tell producer I will also come from tomorrow. She hugs him happily. She says no relation can be known from outside, its just two people know who are keeping the relation, don’t make any opinion about Veera and Baldev, let her do anything she wants.

Billa jokes and signs Jaggi to come inside. He asks Baldev not to worry. Rajveer recalls Veera’s words and is glad. He says become mine Veera, and then I will show you whats love and very soon Baldev will be in jail cage and you will be in my love cage. Billa and Jaggi try getting the phone.

Rajveer asks the staff about the phone in locker and asks who came here, Baldev did this, Veera’s coming may be any plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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