Veera 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone cheering for Ranvi and asking him to sing. Ranvi comes on the stage and everyone gets glad seeing him. Ranvi sings the song and makes everyone smile as he has started singing again. He sings Veer ki ardaas Veera……………Veera is happy and hugs Ranvi for not letting his dream go far. Ranvi says he has sung today to save his family and dad’s respect. He says I did not wish to hurt anyone and take anyone’s happiness, it does not mean I broke my promise, I will never sing again. Everyone is stunned. Its night, Ranvi sees everyone upset at home. He apologizes to them for taking their dreams. He says he can’t pretend anymore now. He says my singing dream is broken now, I hope you all accept my decision.

He says he can’t see them hurt. Ratan says our worry is linked to your problem, we can’t see you worried like this. He requests them to forget this and move on, his life will go one without singing as before. He says he has a big aim of Krishvidyalaya, so lets focus on it. Veera says but………. Ranvi says we won’t talk about this now, as it will deepen my wound and hurt me, end it now. He leaves. Veera comes in her room and is upset. Baldev comes to her with chocolates and puts on her. She looks at him. He smiles.

He asks will you have chocolate with me. She says she does not wish today. He says don’t be quiet, don’t hide it from me, tell me whats in your heart and get light. She says I was thinking Ranvi will agree to sing, but no. Singing is close to his heart and he has decided to quit singing, I feel he has suppressed his talent, I don’t understand anything. He was going towards his dream, but now he promised he won’t sing, how to explain him. Baldev says he got much hurt, maybe he feels his pain will get less doing this. She says did you see him singing on stage, his eyes shined, he was happy.

She says his singing made everyone happy. I want to give him happiness back, I can do anything for him. Baldev smiles and says yes, I like this a lot about you. You will die but not fail, don’t worry, your Baldev is always with you. We will fight with the problems together. She says yes, and win too, you are really my strength. He says everything will be fine my fighting tigress. They eat chocolates. Baldev leaves. Veera comes to talk to Ranvi. She asks him to sing a lullaby for her so that she can get sleep.

Ranvi says I know what are you trying to do, but I won’t sing. She says if you don’t want to, fine I will go. She comes in her room. She thinks to play the lullaby he sung in their childhood, so that it revives his feelings. Ranvi hears it. Aasmaan pe jhula dekho chand ne hai banaya……………….plays………………Ranvi comes and breaks the tape recorder. He asks her to stop doing this and scolds her. Veera cries. Its morning, Ranvi comes for breakfast. He asks where is Veera, did she have food. Chaiji says no, she went without having food. He asks where. Gunjan says Veera did the Mannat that when your voice gets famous, she will walk barefoot to the temple. Ranvi is shocked.

Ranvi asks everyone did they not stop her. Ratan says your voice reached hearts and it became famous, even if on someone else’s name. Baldev sees Veera walking barefoot in rain. He says its good Jaggi told me about you, come with me. She says she is doing Mannat for Ranvi. He says you should have told me, I would have come with you.She says so I did not tell you. He says its raining heavily, don’t walk like this. She gets hurt. He asks what does she want to do. She says leave me, and cleans the temple stairs. She asks him not to stop her, else she will not forgive him. He says she won’t agree to me, I will call Nihaal. He does not get the signal.

Veera climbs the stairs cleaning it. She slips and Ranvi holds her. He asks what are you doing, if anything happened, whats the need to do this. She says she has Mannat for him and has to do it. He says come home with me, why are you hurting yourself and me. She says if I don’t complete this, I will be much hurt, please let me do this. Everyone come and worry for Veera. Ranvi looks at the temple. Nihaal says are you mad, come home now. Veera says no, and sees Ranvi gone. She asks where did Ranvi go. Everyone look around.

Ranvi comes to Gunjan and stares. She asks whay are you staring. He asks the same to her. He acts like her. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t like baldev and veera scences…i loved today’s episode cuz,.it was About ranvi and veera…

  2. I love veera and baldev scenes!!!!!!! <3

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