Veera 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi hugging Veera. Gunjan hugs Balwant. Ranvi says Thank God you are fine. She says she is absolutely fine. Gunjan hugs Veera. Ranvi hugs everyone and smiles. Bansuri gives the interview to the reporters and says she recognized his talent first, she heard him singing and decided to make him a singer. They ask is she his Guru, then sing something. She gets tensed and leaves. Ranvi and Gunjan talk to Sampooran’s pic. He takes his blessings and joins everyone. Veer asks Ranvi how is he feeling. He says like a bird who feels to return to his nest after a tiring flight. Ratan asks him to rest. Ranvi asks Veera how did this accident happen. Veera gets tensed. She looks at Baldev. Baldev says I will say it.

He says actually I called up Veera and ………… Veera says actually I was coming back after meeting Baldev and the bike slide. He says no need to drive bike again. She says sorry. Balwant asks Ratan to arrange food as they are tired. Ratan asks them to go and freshen up, as she made their fav food. Balwant says we will leave now. Veera and Baldev look at each other. Ratan asks Balwant to stay and have food. Anmol meets his dad and expects him to be happy as he has come in finals. His dad discourages him and says he always won, so he does not understand failure. Anmol says I don’t lose, but come second. His dad says I always come first, I will be happy if you come first, all the best for finale.

Anmol says this time I will show you by winning the finals dad, even when I have to do anything. Ratan serves food to everyone. Everyone smile. Gunjan says thank God Veera is fine, we were afraid knowing about her accident. Ratan says it was tough time for all of us, but everything is fine now. Veera asks who told him about her accident. Ranvi says he came to know about Veera by Anmol, he is good friend. Gunjan thinks how did he know and why did he tell before his performance. Veera says she has surprise for Ranvi.

She brings a handmade card with Singing Sensation Ranvi written on it with his pic. It has their childhood pics too. He gets emotional. Everyone smile. Veera says she could not complete the card as she met with an accident. Ranvi says he will always keep this close to his heart, more than his trophy. She says she will keep the trophy pic in it. She says she wants to see him perform in finals and will come with him.

Ranvi says but how. Veera says I m fine, I want to come with you. Ratan says fine, I will alspo come. I also want to see my son get the trophy. Ranvi says how will this happen. Ratan says Baldev will do everything. Veera looks at Baldev. He says yes, don’t worry. Ratan says you also come with us. Baldev is glad. Gunjan says it will be more fun. Ratan says yes, Baldev will be with us to take care of Veera, as you both will be busy. Bansuri says yes, I was thinking to come along. Balwant asks her to be here and take care of him. Everyone smile. Baldev says he will go and get tickets.

Gunjan brings Baldev and Veera in the room and asks whats happening, why is Ratan asking Baldev to come along, tell me. Veera says Ratan has accepted Baldev after knowing our love. Gunjan smiles. She thanks Lord and says she is happy for them. Baldev says but our happiness in incomplete, as we have to tell Ranvi and he has to say yes. Veera says yes, we will tell when the right time comes, now his dream is important. Gunjan says yes, I m happy now and hugs them. Ranvi comes and asks what happened. Veera says as we are coming for your finale. Gunjan says come, I got something from Mumbai. Its morning, Ranvi and Gunjan bring Ratan, Baldev and Veera to Mumbai.

Ranvi gets a message form unknown number to come for press conference. He says I have to go as its press conference. I have to be there on time. Veera says go afterwards. Ranvi says taxi will pick me from here, and asks Gunjan to take everyone home. Gunjan says yes you go, I will manage. Veera ties a Rakhi to Ranvi. Veer ki ardaas veera………………..plays………………..Ranvi hugs her. Ranvi leaves. Baldev says Gunjan got smart, no one can say she came few days before. Gunjan says yes, you will also get colored in this city’s colors.

Ranvi is taken somewhere and asks the driver why did he stop her. The man says I was asked to bring you here. Ranvi thanks him and goes inside. He thinks maybe I came to wrong place. Anmol comes to him. Ranvi says see, where they called us. Anmol says I called you here. Ranvi says you, media called us here right. Anmol says you are very innocent, you got message from unknown number and you came here. Anmol says its not going to be press conference, as I called you, I don’t want you to go in finale. As I want the trophy of Junoon 2014.

Ranvi is shocked and asks what is he saying, is he mad, you are my friend. Ranvi starts leaving and few men catch him. Ranvi asks what are you doing, are you mad to end our friendship for one competition. Anmol says are you mad, its not a small thing, it’s a dream or golden future, I can do anything to get the trophy. Ranvi says he won’t leave him. Anmol says you saved once, y7ou have good fate. I pushed you from 10th floor, you got saved that time. Ranvi is shocked.

Veera and everyone come to know crew member did not message Ranvi. He says bring Ranvi soon as competition is starting. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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