Veera 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev saying now he is sure that Veera wants to be more than sarpanch. Bansuri asks what did he think about factory. Veera comes with Deepu. Baldev sees her and says Veera was saying right, pind needs the cold drink factory and I signed on the papers, its help if wife is so smart. Veera is stunned. Baldev says a man came to seek advice from me, his wife was troubling a lot, his wife always stands against him, and when a husband tries to do anything against him, his wife plans and makes him do as she wants, like saying the opposite thinking husband will do opposite and she can win, I can’t believe there are such wives too, who can cheat her husband, how can anyone trust such wife.

He says the remaining trust will also go, the man was asking what to do. Bansuri says he should leave his wife. Baldev says I would have given same advice, but that foolish husband loves his wife, I think whats the relation that husband can’t trust his wife. Veera cries. Ranvi tells Gunjan what Veera suggested for Geet. Gunjan says but you did not listen her song. He says but Veera heard her. She says yes, but your career is not stable, if you take any new singer, will this look good. She says Veera thought something, but she does not know about industry, I have come with you in meetings, producer will not take risk.

He says you are so good to understand this so well, I m not worried as I have a wife like you, I will take Geet to introduce her, if they don’t like her song, then fine, if they like then its very good and I will tell Veera that we will think something else for her. Veera comes to Baldev and says I know I did this, but don’t get angry. He takes the pillow and starts leaving. She says let me explain. He says you can’t bear if anything does against you.

He says you lied, and dad does not object to this, strange. She says she did this to make him do right work. He says let me have right to decide. He says he is not annoyed, he is upset on his bad fate, I was dying to see my dad proud, and see my wife respect me, I can’t pretent to be in happy family. She says I did this to make you walk on right path. Mahiya…………….plays……….. She says I did not think you will break down like this, I can’t bear if you break like this.

She says if she explained him whats wrong in factory, would he understand. He says you cheated me. She says you punish me, not pind. He says if you and dad don’t trust me, pind will trust me and this factory will be made. She says no, I promise I will not do anything to hurt you, I m sorry. He says no use of this sorry. He leaves. She cries. Its morning, Balwant comes to her and says I have seen Baldev was sleeping on sofa, I know you both have problems. She says she said she will manage, maybe she said it very soon.

She says I m trying to manage my relation, or shall I help Baldev to become a good sarpanch. He says Baldev can never hate you, you can have problems, but there can’t be any place for hatred, you get tensed as your trust on love shakes, but I trust your love, so just show him the right way. She asks how. He says you have to find it, I like that you move on from sorrows and think to do the right thing, and Baldev also knows this, he loves you. He is like kid by heart so have to explain him like kids. She thinks and wipes her tears, nodding to him. He blesses her.

Manjeet scolds Geet and gets angry. Geet says I m sorry. Manjeet says I wish to kick you out of this house. Veera comes and says Geet will be singing soon with Ranvi. Manjeet scolds Veera and Geet. Veera asks Geet not to feel bad of Manjeet’s words. Geet says no, I m not a good singer, I can’t sing with Ranvi, Veera says he will decide after listening your song. She asks her to get ready soon and pacifies her, asking her not to be afraid of people, else they will scare her more. Manjeet stops Geet and Geet gets tensed.

She asks her to do the house hold work. Veera says she has done all the work and takes Deepu and Geet. Ranvi says Veera did not get Geet till now. Gunjan asks him to go, she will talk to Geet. Ranvi says Veera said it, so she will have some meaning. Gunjan says yes, she can’t be wrong. He says yes, she is my sister. Deepu hugs Ranvi and talks to him. Gunjan asks him to go, he is getting late. Ratan notices. Ranvi says I will drop Deepu to school. Gunjan says I will come along with you, I want to see recording. He agrees and asks her to come. Ratan asks Veera to wait, she will get her bag and they will go to school. Veera says I need to talk to you.

Baldev sees a project about factories and asks does this really happen. The boy says yes, you can ask out teacher, or check our books or check on internet. Baldev worries seeing the demerits of factories in village. Veera hides and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Let me pull up days waiting for improvement

  2. Same ! Zari

  3. whats the wrong with you veera…you never see his good workings…you’ll always cry like this…everytime you think yourself as the best..what u’r doing is always good and what baldev is doing z always wrong…i wish u to get devorced by baldev..seriously, u’r not a good wife..

  4. Now a days sercice prvding by tellyupdates is very poor
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    and now starplus shows also r updating late..
    before service of tellyupdates was very fast and efficient as soon as show ends within 1min u guys update n now its very very poor..
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