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Veera 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera refusing to go with Ranvi. She says he ended ties with her, why is he asking her to come now. She says she does not want to come, and holds Baldev’s hand saying he is my husband, and I will stay with him, you can’t force me. Ranvi is shocked and asks am I forcing you, are you happy with Baldev. She asks how can she come with him who shut the doors for her. He says he was angry. She says you and Biji can get annoyed, and I should just bear it. She cries and acts rude to him. She turns and says she does not want to see his face ever, and asks him to leave. Ranvi is shocked and stumbles. Balwant holds him and says what Veera is saying is….. Ranvi looks at Veera and cries. He leaves.

Ranvi falls outside the house recalling Veera’s words. Veera cries in her room. Baldev comes to her, and says she has took his side on right time, and he can trust her. She asks him to listen to her, as she heard him. He asks what would you do if I did not do the condition to choose between me and Ranvi. She says she is hurt by hurting Ranvi, but I did this for you. She says she wants to tell something about Nihaal’s murder. He holds her against the wall and gets angry. He says you did this being helpless, I can’t forgive you. She says enough Baldev, you have to listen to me, stop behaving like this He says stop doing this drama, you had chance to go back with Ranvi, and this does not prove anything, you will get my hatred and anger, you feel I m helpless.

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He says you still feel I m wrong and I m Nihaal’s murderer. He leaves. She cries. She says if this is my fate, if I have to fight alone, then I will surely fight, I tried hard to tell Baldev what I saw, but he did not hear me, Ranvi could have been with me, but after what I told him, he will not see my face again. Ratan asks Ranvi did Veera not come. Ranvi cries and hugs her. He says I got angry Veera for marrying Baldev, it does not mean I don’t love her, she was punishing herself and I went to take her, she got angry on me, and broke all relations with me.

She says maybe there is something else, which we are not seeing, and which Veera can see. He says everything is clear. Ratan says we are not seeing the truth, as she is there with Baldev. She says Veera has married Baldev as she feels he is innocent, and what you saw was different. She says Veera won’t leave Baldev and if this is her decision, we have to accept it. Ranvi cries. Baldev gets the court summon and gets worried. Baldev recalls Nihaal’s words and tries thinking more. He thinks he has to get Nihaal’s phone, and calls Jaggi. He asks Jaggi to get Billa and meet soon.

Gunjan pacifies Ranvi. Ranvi says I know the truth that Veera was lying to me, I know she is making stories, I know she is bearing pain by Baldev, and I m feeling helpless. Ranvi argues with her and says he can’t go for any event now, and asks her to go. She is shocked. He says I won’t sing now, nothing.

Veera tells Rajveer that she did big mistake to marry Baldev, and even Ranvi broke relation with her. So I came to meet you, can you help me. Ranvi gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Is veera going to go offair and be replaced with masterchef

  2. No aastha it is shifted to 6:00 slot and ipknd2 is shifted to 5:30

  3. No there is a Time change

  4. Its 5pm

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