Veera 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 20th August 2013 Written Update

Veera comes dressed for celebrating Rakshabandhan and is looking very pretty with the dupata covering her head. She gives a small packet to Ratan to hide so that she can surprise Ranvi after she ties Rakhi to him. Ranvi comes there and its an emotional moment for the family.

All the village kids come with Balwant to Ranveera’s house to celebrate Rakshabandhan. While Ranvi is kind and loving towards Veera, Baldev is as usual rude towards Gunjan, Ranvi teaches Veera to tie the knot of Rakhi and then gives her 50 rupees. Veera is very happy and asks Ranvi to tie Rakhi to her as he always does. Veera’s grandparents are touched and shocked with the Ranveera’s bond and are almost in tears. Ranvi ties 6 rakhis to Veera whose confused and asks about it but Ranvi asks her not to question him today and let him tie. He’s tying Veera rakhis in advance for the years he would be missing.

A tearful Ranvi rushes away and splashes some water on his face to hide his tears from Veera. Veera then drags him to Ratan and presents his gift. Ranvi opens the packet to find a framed drawing by Veera where she’s drawn herself and Ranvi tying rakhi to each other. Everyone is touched. And there is also a video game in it like the one Baldev had. Ranvi asks where did she get so much money from to which Veera replies that she had been collecting it for a while and also Nihal helped her. Veera asks if he’ll let her play with the game too and this upsets Ranvi as he thinks that how will he share it with Veera when she won’t be around. But then resolves that he’ll keep the game safely and once he brings her back they’ll play together with it.

In her room, Veera is shuffling through her cupboard to find an appropriate dress to wear for the evening celebrations. However she doesn’t find anything suitable. Ratan watches this from a distance and then comes and presents a suit to her. Veera is very happy to find her Beeji fulfilling her wish and solving her problem. Ratan says that she can wear it for the evening if she likes to which Veera says she’ll but if Ratan tells her to wear it by addressing her, “puttar”. Reluctantly Ratan does so and Veera takes the dress

Precap: Veera’s birthday celebration


Update Credit to: euphoric

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