Veera 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Veera 1st May 2014 Written Update

Chaiji says, i cant believe right now, that gunjan and ranveer will now together. Biji says, we should give thanks to veera. She has done everything. Ranveer came and says, gunjan gets sprained. Chaiji says, gunjan gets sprained but why are you smilling? Ranveer gets shy. Everybody pulling ranveer’s leg. Veera put black tika on ranveer’s hand. Balwant tayaji gets very happy and says, i am very happy to see that gunjan and ranveer is now live happily with each other. Balwant tayaji says, veera, ratan parjai and my son baldev has done alot for gunjan. Bansari ji says, i am really proud of you. Baldev says, i want to put your burden off so please vote me on next election. Baldev gets purzzled.
Baldev called to veera. Veera says, what happen. Baldev says, come out otherwise i will come at your home and says to ratan parjai that i want to marry with you. Veera reaches to meet baldev. baldev says, lets go to date. Veera says, are you stupid. Baldev says, i did as you said. Veera says, she is your sister too. Baldev says, no no i want return gift. Veera says, if i will love you then i will go to date with you. Baldev says, if you will spend 2-3 hours with me then you will fall in love with me. Veera says, ok now i will give you 2-3 hours but i am very confident that i will not love you. Veera then goe with Baldev.
Baldev goes to bangle store and says to shopkeeper that show some beautiful bangles. Veera set alarm. baldev says, there is no need to set alarm, you will fall in love with me before 3 hours. Baldev wore bangles to veera. Veera shouts, oouuuccchhh. Baldev says, whenever you will feel pain, i also feel pain. Baldev ask, dont you love me now? Veera says, no.
Gunjan says, dont touch my leg. I know how to decrease the pain. come near to me. Ranveer hesitated goes near to gunjan. Gunjan says, now see into my eyes then see my pain will gone.
Baldev sing song for veera. Baldev ask from veera, is it happened? Veera says, now alarm is ringing and i dont love you. Veera then gone from there.
BIji says to ranveer, you and gunjan will take your dinner at your room. Ranveer says, why you use two plates, Biji then pulling leg of ranveer. BIJi then says, i was really very worried about you and gunjan. I dont want you to see in my condition. Ranveer says, now everything is alright and its all happen due to you. Biji says, not me, its all due to veera.

Precap:- Veera says, they have done alot for me, i want to give them very happiness.

Update Credit to: tushar

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  1. Gunjan aur Ranvee ki romance bahuth acha hai back ground music exatradionary plz continue Gunjan aur Ranvee Romance both very beautiful jodi. i like this serial so much. and baladev aur Veera ki love story kab ayegi Track par. Veer thu baladev ko pyar karthi hoo. but y reject baladev. plz accept me he very good, pyar karo naaaaaaaaaaaaa

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