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Veera 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Billa and Jaggi asking Veera to meet Simran’s BF Raj. She asks how did they get him. They say he is related to their friends. Raj asks why did they get him, he does not have money. Veera says they did not kidnap him, and asks about Simran. She asks him to help them as Simran is ruining Baldev’s life. Raj says he knows Simran since five years. Veera says she loves Baldev. Raj says Simran told me about you, you are beautiful, she said you are ugly. She asks what did Simran say about Baldev. Raj says he does not care even if Simran marries Baldev. Billa and Jaggi scold him and asks them to tell everyone the truth. Raj says he won’t say. Veera requests him and says we have to stop Simran. Raj says I don’t feel she is doing wrong, why should I stop her. Veera says we can’t force them, I will go and see if I can do anything in mehdi ritual.

Gunjan taunts Amrit and Simran. Bansuri talks in their favor and says she is lucky to get a bahu like Simran. The function starts. Veera asks Billa what is he doing here. Billa says Jaggi is with Raj and he came to spoil the function, he has a good idea. Baldev comes there and sees Veera and Billa talking. Billa asks Veera to see now as he has added jamaalgota in Simran’s juice glass. Baldev takes the glass and Veera stops him from drinking it. He asks her what did she add in this. She tells him everything that Billa has mixed it.

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Baldev shuts the door and asks what is she doing, and why. She says Simran is not a good girl for him, she wanted to tell him but…. He keeps his hand on her mouth and stops her. Mahiya………………..plays…………..He asks does she not want him to marry Simran, fine, he won’t marry Simran, but he has a condition. He says you will go out and tell Ranvi and family that you want to marry me. He says he will tell them that he has to marry her tomorrow in the mandap, can she do this for him, can she go against Ranvi, does she have courage. Veera cries. He asks what happened, all courage gone. She asks if she does not do this, will he marry Simran.

He says why did she love him if she did not have courage to marry him. She says love does not mean she can annoy her family. He says fine, just care for Ranvi’s happiness, marry the man whom he gets for you, and you held Rajveer’s hand. She says she did not hold his hand, and how does he know this. He says you feel only you know about others. She says she did not say yes. He says you did not say no. She says she can’t go against Ranvi, as he has done her upbringing, even when she is his step sister, he should hate me, but he has only loved me, going against Biji. She says she loves Baldev and wants to see him happy. She says she did a mistake as she did not trust him, but she can’t see his life ruin, Simran is not good for him.

Baldev says would you let me marry her if she was a good girl. He says this is your punishment, I want you to go against Ranvi and tell everyone that you want to marry me, this is the only way to stop my marriage with Simran, I will give you 30mins to do this, else be ready to dance in my baraat.

Jaggi talks to Raj and asks him to have wine. Billa joins them. Raj starts drinking. Billa says we are mad to kidnap him. Jaggi says yes and asks Raj to casually talk. They ask how did he get Simran. Raj says he is not her first BF and tells everything. Baldev sees Veera and they have an eyelock. Mahiya………………….plays……………Bansuri sees them and praises Simran. She asks Veera to join them. Simran taunts Veera saying she will not get Baldev. Veera says there is no need to find who is infront of her. She thinks she can’t do what Baldev is saying, it does not mean she will let Baldev marry Simran. She stops the mehndi designers and tells something.

Simran is shocked seeing R written and asks the lady. She says I came to know you call Baldev as Raj. Veera taunts Simran and says about her BF Raj. Simran gets worried. Raj tells about him and Simran. Jaggi and Billa smile as they fool Raj. They fill his ears to get Simran, as she has fooled him and taken advantage of him. Raj says he will see Simran now. Jaggi calls Veera and says they will make Raj say everything. Veera says hurry up, we have less time. She thinks she can’t agree to Baldev and can talk to him again, maybe he will understand this time. Baldev sees her and turns. She walks to him. Rajveer comes in between.

Raj creates a big scene being fully drunk, and tells everyone that Simran is his GF. Everyone is shocked and Simran gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. awsome…!!!precap…!!!

  2. Exciting!!

  3. love u veeba soooooooo much~frist i hated this seriel.& like ek hasina now i love it very much.baldev u r my hero

  4. Okay, why can’t VEERA do what BAldev is asking? He isnt wrong in asking her to step up and declare her love for him. That’s all he has been waiting for all this time and she dances around the issue and always supports her brother but never him.
    So annoying!

  5. Dr Dayal Thakur was such a honest, straightforward character and really stood there with Durga. He was an awesome dad to her. Too sad watching Durga’s scenes now that he is gone and too sad that this actor had to be written off. He needed to see Durga’s final revenge against the Goenkas. INstead of ending this month, I think we could have still gotten a few more months out of this drama at the least. So many unfinished stories and links…. too sad its going. ANd of course, the most ridiculous drama of all carries on… Saathiya. Because the older woman are far more numerous being glued to Gopi and Radhu escapades but can’t be bothered to watch a far superior and intelligent drama! My mother in law included!

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