Veera 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 1st August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ranvi demanding to know why the police arrested Kartaar. Chaiji and Ratan dont know how to answer so Nihaal steps in and tells them that Kartaar did something bad. Ranvi asks what but Nihaal tells them thats not important for now and that anyone who does something wrong ends up like Kartaar. Ranvi and Veera are convinced.

Kartaar is brought in the police station and made to sit aside and wait when he spots Amirta’s parents in their filing a missing report. He goes to them in anger and her parents recognise him. Her parent’s tell Kartaar they don’t have any relation with Amrita anymore and he should too forget her when he says she destroyed their lives. Kartaar says he is not angry because she didn’t marry him, infact he is glad. He tells them she is dead, and the parent’s

are shocked. He tells them everything that happened and accuses their daughter for destroying so lives especially Sampooran’s and Ratan’s.

Veera sits with Nihaal keeping her money pot in her hand and tells him how she requested ‘Dev Bhootji’ to come and put some money but he didn’t. Nihaal almost tells her he is her ‘Dev Bhootji’. She tells him she needs money to buy something for her Veerji for Rakhi. He tells her that she is the biggest gift for her Veer ji and that he doesn’t want anything else. Veera is happy. She goes and sits into his lap and asks him if she’s ‘pyaari’? He tells her she is and she says he is too. Nihaal says he isn’t pyaara but Veera says if he puts money into her pot, she would pray to God to make him pyaara too. He does. Gunjan comes to take her to play but she denies saying she needs to collect money but Nihaal asks her to go so her ‘Dev Bhoot chaachu’ can come. She leaves and Nihaal puts in a lot of money in her money pot.

Ranvi and his friend are planning Veera’s birthday. When his friend leaves Ranvi goes to the star drawn on the wall by Veera and says if it were possible, he’d bring her a star.

Gunjan and Veera are playing with dolls. Veera has difficulty deciding a name for it. She decides to name it Ranvi but soon shakes away the thought as its a doll. She soon finds the name of the doll written on the package. ‘Amrita’.

Veera goes to Ratan to ask for some for food for her doll. As usual Ratan ignores but Veera insists because her ‘Amrita’ is hungry. Ratan is shocked at hearing the name and shouts at her, asking her who kept the name. When Veera tells she kept it, she scolds her and asks why that name? Veera say its a nice name but Ratan snatches the doll from Veera and throws it away saying it should never be brought in the house again.

Veera’s grandparents reach the house and see Veera crying. They are unsure if its Sampooran’s house.

Ratan in her room remembers Amrita and is about to break a vase when she sees Sampooran’s picture and calms down. She goes downstairs to see Veera crying. She goes near her and almost places a hand on her head when stops. She goes and gets the moneh and gives it to Veera to buy a new doll. Veera is really happy and kisses Ratan on the cheek and hugs her. Ratan doesn’t respond.

Precap: Amrita’s parents are in the house and Chaiji asks them to leave for they need no apology. The father tells them with apology, he is also here to take back his daughter’s only thing left behind. Veera. Everyone shocked.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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