Veera 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Veera 19th November 2013 Written Update

Veera locks herself in the room and Ranvi bangs on the door trying hard to get her to open the door. He inserts his finger in the hole in the door but Veera refuses to touch his finger. Chaiji comes and tries to placate Veera but Veera shuts her ears and refuses to listen to her too. Ranvi gets angry on Baldev as it’s because of his lies that Veera is so hurt. He goes to confront her. Veera is all the more hurt and thinks that Ranvi doesn’t care for her and so he left without placating her. She decides to leave.

Ranvi goes to Baldev’s house and confronts him. He asks him to come along so that he can tell Veera that he lied to her about Ranvi not loving her anymore. Gunjan and Ranvi convinces Baldev to admit his lies in front of Veera threatening him that if he doesn’t they’ll tell everything to his Balwant. Baldev agrees.

Ranvi comes home and Baldev admits at her room door but she doesn’t open the door. They open the door forcibly and finds Veera gone. She’s left a note behind that she’s going because no one loves her anymore. Ranvi is broken and decides to look for her. Ranvi, Chaiji and Ratan starts to look for her while Gunjan informs about absconding Veera to Balwant. Bansuri figures out it’s baldev’s doings and asks Gunjan to not tell anyone about it.

Veera along with her doll goes to Gurudware and cries in front of Babaji. They are all preparing to celebrate Gurupurab and Veera prays that she’s not sent to Delhi away from her Veerji. She asks God where should she go now. Surjeet Singh sees Veera there.

Villagers are looking for Veera and are clued in by someone that they have spotted someone like Veera at Gurudware. Ranvi runs to reach there. In the meanwhile Surjeet Singh further instigated Veera about her being sent away and says she shouldn’t go and tells her to instead go somewhere away or hide for next two days.

Ranvi runs to Gurudware frantically and was even about to meet with an accident. He doesn’t stop and rushes away on the other hand Veera is eloping in the same truck and promises to return in two days thinking then no one will force her to leave.

The truck halts in front of a road side dhaba and Veera is hungry. A well built man comes in front of her and she gets scared.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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