Veera 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri calling Baldev. Baldev says he will not make any cold drink factory. He gets Bansuri’s call and does not take it. Kohli thinks he will lose job if boss knows it. Bansuri keeps calling. He says he is busy and will call later. Bansuri says I hope he did not refuse. Veera comes and says she will go to school. Bansuri thinks she will go and tell Baldev. Veera comes to Geet and she wants her to sing and show Ranvi, then he can guide her if she can make a career in singing. Deepu says my mum sings very well. Veera says she will take Deepu.

Baldev says they can make factory for grains and it will be useful for pind, Kohli says this will happen, but later. He says everything is ready and they need his sign, he can lose job. Baldev says he will talk to his boss, nothing will happen to your job. Bansuri calls him and says Veera has planned with you, and using reverse psychology with you. Baldev is stunned and recalls Veera’s words. Bansuri says I heard her talking to Balwant, beware of her plans.

Veera brings Deepu there. Oberoi comes and talks to Baldev. He asks why is he not signing on factory papers. Veera asks Bansuri for a water bottle, Deepu is going to school, so we have to give her. Veera takes it and leaves. Bansuri says I think Veera did not hear anything. Veera brings Deepu to Ratan and says she will study here from today. Deepu says she wants to meet Ranvi at home. Veera says study here, Ratan will take you home later.

Ratan sends Deepu to the class. Veera says why did all the kids not come. Ratan says some people are not sending kids, saying fees is high. Veera says fine, I will meet them. Veera comes to meet a lady and talks about her children, not coming in the school. She asks her to send the kids, and she will get to get scholarships for them, don’t take the right of education. The lady says I know what to do, and shuts the door.

Ratan brings Deepu to home. Deepu asks Gunjan to call Ranvi and asks him to leave his work. Ratan says fine, I will call. Gunjan says she wants to leave for meeting her mum. Ratan says yes, are you fine. Gunjan says yes. Ratan thinks maybe she is getting sad seeing Deepu as she can’t conceive, but Ranvi gets happy seeing Deepu, its strange as Deepu is happiness for Ranvi and pain for Gunjan.

Bansuri tells Gunjan not to allow Deepu in her home. Gunjan says she is little girl, its not her mistake. She says Ranvi gets happy when Deepu is with him, this is my pain, when I see her, I feel I can’t give something to Ranvi. Baldev comes and asks what can’t she give him, why is she crying, did Ranvi do anything, I will not leave him. Bansuri stops him and says we did not tell you about Gunjan, as there is much going on in your life.

Gunjan goes and cries. Baldev asks whats this, you believed the doctor, whats your age to think that its all over, I will take you to big city and do your treatment, you will become mum. Gunjan says Ranvi took me to big doctor and even they said same. He says did he believe it and left hope, he would have tried a lot if it was about Veera. She says he has always supported me, don’t blame him. He says fine, I will take you to Mumbai, this builder became my friend, I will take you to America. She cries and says what did this happen with me.

Baldev pacifies her and says did we change when dad compared us with others. He jokes and she beats him. Bansuri comes and smiles seeing them. She says enough, I can’t laugh much. He holds her hand and asks her not to feel she is alone, he is always with her, and he will never ask is she right or wrong, just stand as her protective shield always. She hugs him. Bansuri gets glad. Ratan talks to Veera.

Ranvi comes home and gets glad seeing Veera and Deepu. He hugs Deepu and Ratan says its good he came. He says he sung the song well, but it felt like something was missing. Veera asks him to try something else. He asks what. He asks her to sing duet. He says how will it be different from others. She says you will have a new voice. He asks whose. She says Geet. He asks Geet? ?Yes, you told me that she sings Kirtan. She says I m sure she will learn if we teach her. He says but she looks shy. She says yes, but if she gets a chance, maybe we can see anything new. He says fine, I will talk.

Bansuri tells Baldev that she has seen Gunjan smiling and happy after a long time. She asks what happened of cold drink factory. He sees Veera and says I have thought a lot, and I felt Veera was saying right, this pind needs a cold drink factory and so I have signed on the papers. Veera is shocked.

Veera asks Baldev to listen to her. He says he is not annoyed, he is regretting for his fate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what nonsense.its like d writter n director do not have direction going up n down pls do something or end d show.this is very annoying.nothing matters to baldev than his ego.veera leave him let him learn from experience.rubbish

  2. its rubbish story ever… no positive things at all… agar barso baad koi ek positive scene aayatho, phir uske 100% more neg scenes he honge… hate it

  3. Stop this serial

  4. Veera, just let him be, he will learn from his mistakes ! There’s no need for you to butt in

  5. Mama’s boy. Ratan treats Gunjan so well and Bansuri is terrible.

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