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Veera 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera getting awkward seeing the western outfits and Manjeet asks for whom are these clothes. Baldev says I said you come upstairs and check this. He takes the parcel and goes. Manjeet taunts Bansuri for Baldev gone in Veera’s hand. She says I m getting dizzy thinking how Veera will wear such clothes and roam around. She says I regret a lot for you, your bahu is doing wrong. Bansuri holds her head. Veera asks Baldev why did she not say her, what will she say Manjeet and Bansuri. Baldev asks could you not see the slip on the parcel about its contents. He holds her close and says forget everything, go and wear this. She says wear this here, are you mad, Manjeet and Bansuri don’t like this.

He says the girl in the ad also wear such clothes. She scolds him for seeing the ad girl. He says no, I felt you will look good in this dress. She says I will wear this in Goa. He says think of this room as Goa, I will also change my clothes. She says I won’t wear this now. He says fine, just wear and show me, then I won’t say, just once. She smiles and agrees. She gets a call from Chai ji. Chai ji asks her to come as she needs to talk. Veera says we will come, and gives the dress to Baldev. He gets upset. They get ready and are leaving to meet Chai ji. Veera says Chai ji will be happy to know everything is fine between us.

Baldev says they will be happy knowing we are going Goa. She says I m thinking we should tell them later, Gunjan was very sad and if we say this, she can feel bad. Baldev says they will know some day, and they can feel bad if we hide, we will see the situation and see. She says Ranvi is angry and things are not getting fine. He says I will explain Gunjan to have patience, we are love examples now and she smiles. They leave.

Chai ji talks to Gunjan and Gunjan is sad saying Ranvi is going away from me, it feels we are stranger staying under one roof. They hear Veera and Baldev coming. They both argue happily. Chai ji says she is glad to see them happy. Baldev greets Chai ji and praises himself. Ratan comes and everyone smile seeing her. Gunjan hugs Ratan. Veera asks why did she come late. Baldev asks her not to cry and jokes. Ratan says I think my yatra succeeded, and my prayers are answered. Chai ji says Balwant told me that Baldev and Veera are going Goa. Ratan says its good news. Ratan asks about Ranvi. Gunjan says he is in his room, I will call. Veera says no, I will call him.

Chai ji asks Ratan to freshen up and then they will talk. Baldev talks to Gunjan. She says congrats for his Goa trip. He asks how is she. She says I m fine. He asks about Ranvi. She cries and he hugs her. Ranvi is glad to know from Veera that Ratan has come, and says he will meet her. Veera asks him to answer her questions, does he not see Gunjan’s pain, why is he giving pain to himself and her, Ratan will feel bad seeing things unwell between you and Gunjan. He says he is broken by this incident, I want to forgive Gunjan, but I m unable to do so.

Baldev says even he felt he can never forgive Veera, and their old love can’t be same. He says I feel like I will die without Veera now, but Ranvi is more mature. Gunjan says you are Veera had misunderstanding and its mistake between me and Ranvi. He says its fine now, Ranvi will understand one day, Ratan has come, she will make everything come. Ranvi says nothing can be fine, I try daily to forgive her, but I m also human, I had dreams of her and baby, and now its loneliness.

Veera asks him to talk to Ratan about this and I m sure she will give you the right advice. Chai ji tells everything to Ratan. Ratan says I felt everything will be fine, but… Chai ji says yes, so I had to call you. Ratan says I m worried for Ranvi and Gunjan, did you talk to Ranvi. Chai ji says yes, I tried to say but he is not listening. She says his silence is affecting and hurting Gunjan. Ratan says our children will not bear this pain in our presence. Chai ji says I called you with high hope, everything will be fine now.

Ranvi stays silent and thinks. Ratan comes and he smiles. She says she made halwa for him and makes him eat. He says he was missing her a lot. She says all the life’s good moments will become memories, if you limit yourself in the room then… He says why did Gunjan feel I can’t become a dad, what did she tell you. She asks him to see his face, she did not see such bitterness ever, She did not talk to Gunjan yet, Chai ji told me this. She says everyone makes mistakes, and the one who hold the mistake, he does the big mistake. She says I know she thought about abortion, but she changed her decision and came back, and what happened then, was not in her hands.

She says I know she has hidden this, but what happened was an accident, it was not in your hands, but this relation is. She asks him to think that the relation can slip off his hands. She asks him not to do the mistake which she did with his dad. She asks him to hold his relation else he will regret all his life. He cries. She blesses him and leaves.

Baldev teases Veera. She sits on his back and he laughs. Manjeet talks to someone and says I did not say my motive of coming here, first let me move the thorn of my way.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hope Ranvi will forgive Gunjan soon.Anyway Ratan is there.

  2. wht is the secret b/w manjeet & bansuri?

  3. I think manjeet is baldev’s real mother
    but that is a guess there is no spoiler about it yet

  4. i also think so sakshi

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