Veera 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 19th March 2013 Written Update

Ranvi hugs ratan he says everything will be ok… MC and ratan smiling….ranvi says in mind I will solve everything… MC says now go to school…. Mc says today your son is loving u much ha…
[Nihal kartar]
Nihal says kartar I don’t think I can participate in rate I have no horse… kartar says there r more imp things go and find sampoooran… help reatan na nihal silent kartar says I know your intensions your here to take sampoorans place and u wont be able to do it… and mind it I am not a kid like Ranveera… Kartar says do you even know what the whole pind is talking they didn’t leave me why will they leave you…. Nihal says I didn’t do anything such… kartar says shut up I know what u want … nihal shouts on him… kartar says get out of my house today I did a mistake by giving you the house and always remember ratan is married … be away from her… nihal leaves and says fine I will leave your house … Kartar says in mind I will take u out of ratans life….

[Ranveera scene]
Ranvi instructs veera and says don’t trouble MC and mom… Ranvi in mind says I am coming to amritsar dad….(Bg veer ki ardaas veera)

Balwant greets nihal… he asks where are you going with ur luggage… he says I left kartars house… and now finding house…. Balwant says I am going to city and when I will be back I will be back… nihal says if u need help tell me… balwant now says I cant do two things as I don’t have time u go to city I will meet collector sahib…on the way he meets veera he offers her lift… veera sits and says I will tell u how this jeep runs…

[Ranvi near bus stand]
He is waiting for bus and he is scared that he may be noticed by someone…

[Nihal veera scene]

Veera saying left right she is confusing nihal he asks about ratan and she says she is at home…

[MC and ratan]
Ratan shouts MC and MC says I am alive She asks did u see ranvis new kurta MC says I wore it becoz I liked it ratan says MC you na…and then MC says is food ready… and ratan says I have made food I wont keep them hungry and ya if u haven’t eaten the food then only Ranveera will get food Mc says do I eat so much … just then veera comes shouting MC and MC says my chilli what happened she says today I thought nihal chachu how to drive a jeep today MC says good she then asks where is your bro and she says he went to play … MC says where and could he not eat food and go she shouts veera says he gave this letter for u MC takes it and says why you didn’t give this before just then ratan gets a call and she goes…

[Ranvi on road]
Ranvi sees a kid who is crying her mom and bro try to console her just then her father comes and consoles her… ranvi has a flashback where veera had said that she will sit in her papajis lap ranvi in mind now says I promise I will get your papaji back veera

Veera is playing with nihal ratan happy she says go and wash your hands I will arrange food veera says did u read the letter ratan says no I forgot she starts finding it veera says u kept it on table and she goes and gets it she says read it now…ratan silent after reading MC says what happened why r u tensed what’s in the letter… ratan says MC ranvi went to amritsar to find his dad… everyone shocked…on the other hand ranvi gets the bus and leaves for amritsar

Ratan remembers ranvis words he had said lets go to amritsar and find dad Ratan says he had said this yesterday na…. Veera says balle balle my dad will be back…MC shuts her up Veera says why did veerji go alone he didn’t take me… MC says this cant be true he is joking ratan says u know your chote chand na he is not joking MC says he does not know the road and from where did he get money… ratan runs to ranvis room veera follows her she says do u where is his piggy bank… veera says I know she opens the drawer but its not there jut the n they see the piggy bank broken…

Precap- ratan says to MC lets stop him lets go to bus stand … nihal say bus left half an hour ago.. veera says why are u worried MC my veerji wont return like papaji kya

Update Credit to: Rashu

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