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Veera 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nihaal, Baldev and Veera coming to the music company to talk to the owner to get justice for Ranvi. Ranvi comes there. Veera says I m worried for Ranvi, he will break when he knows about this cheat, I want this matter to clear today. Veera, Baldev and Nihaal go to the conference room. Ranvi comes to meet the manager. He does not see Veera’s name in the register and is asked to wait. Gunjan is making cards for Ranvi with his pic. She tells Chaiji that she is giving this gift to Ranvi, he will be happy. Chaiji likes it. Gunjan calls Ranvi and says the call is not connecting. Chaiji says lets wait for him.

Baldev says how long will he wait, where is the owner. The owner comes to talk to them. Baldev scolds him and calls him a thief. He says what nonsense. Veera says I m Ranvijay’s sister who has sung all songs and you have launched it on your son’s name. Nihaal asks how can he do this. Ranvi gets the cheque and thanks the manager. He greets the music director and asks about music album CD. The man apologizes to him and says I did not know this before. The owner argues. Baldev scolds him. Ranvi hears Baldev and Veera and goes to see.

He comes there and hears that the company has cheated him. He sees Baldev, Veera and Nihaal. He hears Veera saying the company has used Ranvi’s songs and launched on his Rahul’s name. Nihaal says we want all answers. Veera says yes, else we won’t go from him. The owner says get out, what stealing. I did not cheat anyone, where is the proof. Nihaal says its violation of copyrights law, you have used Ranvi’s songs. The man says Ranvi has sold his voice and songs to us. Ranvi and everyone are shocked.

Ranvi comes and says no, I did not sell anything. He says singing is my soul, why are you lying. The man says we have given you amount for it, you are lucky, else there are many singers like you. Veera scolds the owner. Ranvi cries. Veera pacifies him and says don’t worry, we will get justice. Nihaal asks for contract copy. The owner says sure, see it. Chaiji likes the decorations. Gunjan gets a new radio. Chaiji asks her to play it, as she wants to hear Ranvi’s songs. Gunjan tries to tune and says we will keep it on all day, it will come anytime.

Gunjan says she will make Ranvi’s fav food and sweets for Ranvi. Chaiji says she will help her. The contract shows Ranvi sold the songs to them. The owner and the manager smile. Everyone is shocked. Veera says why will Ranvi do this. The manager says I told Ranvi to read this before signing, but he did not. Veera says its cheating, you know he did not read it. She says I was in Poland, you have cheated Ranvi. They taunt Ranvi for being illiterate. Veera says we won’t end this matter here, we will get justice for him.

Baldev holds the owner’s collar. The guards come. Nihaal says lets go Baldev, no use now. Veera says you should have learnt singing with business, else this stealing would have been not required. She tears the cheque and throws it on owner’s face saying we don’t want your bad money. They leave. Rabba ve…………….plays……………… Chaiji and Gunjan hear the radio. They wait for Ratan. Gunjan says Ranvi and everyone will come soon. Chaiji says yes. Ratan comes and likes the decorations. Gunjan smiles. Chaiji says its good you came on time.

Ratan says the Pind got the news about his music release. Everyone hear Ranvi’s song on the radio and is happy. Ranvi and everyone come. Ranvi shuts the radio. They look puzzled. Ratan asks what happened. Gunjan says it was your song. Play it, we all have to hear it. Ranvi gets sad and throws the radio in anger breaking it. Everyone is shocked. He runs to his room. Ratan asks Veera what happened. Veera tells about the fraud done with Ranvi and says everything. Ratan, Gunjan and Chaiji are shocked. Veera says Ranvi got broken. Gunjan cries.

Nihaal and everyone encourage Ranvi and asks him to be strong, we all are with you, your talent won’t end with one cheat. Ranvi says I decided I will never sing.

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  1. Wow veera aka digangana is 16 in real life!!!!! Wow..didnt know that Nd she looks like 20+ and wow shes doing romantic scences ..doesn’t she feel awkward?

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