Veera 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 19th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with pandit ji and ranveer conversation. Pandit ji says, put this vermilion on your wife’s head. Gunjan moves from there and ranveer follows her and save from truck. Ranveer says, i dont want you to let down. Gunjan says, i am not feeling you letting down. Please try to understand and i want to tell you something. Ranveer says, i know everything dont tell me. Gunjan says, do you know everything? Ranveer says, i know that you dont want to come with me and this is not your dream. You dont want to live with me. But i dont want you to like this and i know that our path is different. Now i walk alone on this path. I promised you that i will make you free and i will give you freedom.
Gunjan says, if you want me to give freedom then i will let you free and i will tell everything truth about vanity van and canada. Ranveer says, everybody will be hurted to hear this. Gunjan says, you have done alot for me so now you will not do anything. Now i will gone from your life and when we will reach pritampura then i will go to my home not your home.
Veera ask, how do you got this money? Baldev says, i got from gurudwara and thinks that how he earn money and then show photo of foreigner. Veera says, you done cheating. Baldev says, this is business. Baldev says, now 50 rs is left in my pocket then give 50 rs sweets to veera and says, now thinks something hard.
Veera says, he completed 2 bets and now i will think something hard so that he will not complete it.
Ranveer tries to wear sandals to gunjan then she denies then she wears sandals by own. Ranveer gets a call of biji. Biji shouts on ranveer and says, where are you and you didnt call to anyone. Ranveer says, we are alright and i will tell you everything when i reach at home. Ranveer says, all the things i will tell you later. BIji says, take care of gunjan and come with her safely. Biji says to herself, there is something in between them and i want to ask them. Baldev says, do you really love me alot and thats why you came in front of my bike. Veera says, you should respect to ladies and girls. Baldev says, i respect them. Veera says, no you dont and whenever you will do it then i will think that you had completed your bet. Baldev says to himself, i do this but i dont know which type of respect she is saying. This is really surprisingly bet come in front of me. Bansari stops ranveer and says, if i will not stop you then you will spoil my rangoli. Baldev then helps to bansari in making rangoli.
Baldev says, how will i give respect to female. Bansari says, your papaji saves me whenever we will newly married. YOur papaji will give me flowers regularly. Baldev says, i am going outside and you can also draw this rangoli by yourself.
Gunjan says to herself that you dont know what is happening in my heart. ranveer says to himself that i know everything but dont know why you doing this. Gunjan says, i know this is our last journey.

Precap:- Ranveer and gunjan reaches pritampura and gunjan says to herself that left way is moving towards my home and right way is towards ranveer’s home then gunjan moves towards her home.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. Ye serials me log 1 baar me i luv u bol q nae dete? Is it so difficult???

  2. Omg ranvi is razy what tha fack is goin on

  3. minzthepindimator

    Wow! I hope that Ranvi and Gunjan come together soon! I don’t want them to be like this. Oh Ranvi! If only you knew! 🙁

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