Veera 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 18th June 2013 Written Update

The kids are trapped in school and parents waiting outside are worried as the tiger strolls in its compound. Ratan gets worried for Ranvi and soon realizes he didn’t attend the school. Worried sick for both the kids she prays for their safety. Bansuri and Balwant reach there and Bansuri asks for Baldev and learns he too didn’t attend the school. They realize there are couple of other kids missing too and Bansuri forces Balwant to look for Baldev. Chaiji learns about the tiger terror at school and reaches there.

The trapped kids are scared and crying except for Veera who wants to go out to see the tiger. Her teacher asks her to stay quiet and thats when she starts calling out to Ratan as teacher stops her from going out. She goes to the window and waves to Ratan asking her to rescue her. Seeing the

tiger close by Nihal, Ratan and Chaiji gets worried and calls out to her to move back in. Right then the tiger leaps towards Veera’s outstretched hand but the teacher pulls her back and shuts the window.

Nihal suggests that he’ll go inside and distract the tiger while others can rescue the kids but everyone stops him from doing any stunts as it can put everyone’s life at stake. He then asks another man to call the forest officials.

Ranvi is with Baldev and his friends watching movie but when he realizes he’s getting late and school would have left he excuses himself saying Veera would be waiting for him. He promises Baldev that he won’t tell anyone about their bunking school. He’s going towards the school when he sees one man getting his son back from school and is surprised. He asks if the school shut early and learns about the tiger on the school grounds. He gets worried for Veera and runs back to school.

Kartar too reaches the school and tries to be sweet and caring towards Ratan and kids. Chaiji and Nihal are not happy with his presence.

Ratan is worrying about the kids and wonders how Ranvi left Veera alone in a situation like this. Ranvi reaches school and Ratan starts scolding him. He asks about Veera and on gets to know that Veera is trapped inside the classroom. He starts crying and even tries to rush into the school gates to Veera when everyone stops him and Ratan scolds him for going away like that leaving Veera to fend for herself. Ranvi is crying. The tiger roars.

Precap: Nihal tries to get into the school premises through the roof of the school. He’s about to slip when another man who’s helping him saves him in nick of time.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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