Veera 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 18th April 2013 Written Update

Chaiji convinces NIhal to stay at her home, Ratan supports Motichaji saying if Chaji want to give something to someone, they cant refuse. Ratan wants Veera to give Nihal the price from Gurudwara, Veera is not happy hearing this, she refuses to give. She says no one can keep it clean in Nihal’s house, so she will keep it so that when Nihal arrives their home he can have Lassi from that cup. Ratan forces Veera to give, Nihal tells her it can be kept in their home and lassi made by Chaiji is very tasty. Rv tells Nial if he want to praise someone for lassi , then he shoud praise his Mother as she is the one who makes it. Both Nihall and Ratan embarrassed.

Veera with Gunjan and few girls, Veera narrating how they found Rv in Amritsar, she then tells how all the people in a place were dressed the same way (she is talking about army officers ) Veera tells how well she can walk with a water pot ( matka ) on her head, since one of the girls refuses to belive this she asks Gunjan to bring a water pot from her home. Veera walking with a water pot on her head, and girls cheering her. Baldev sees this , and he is about to throw something towards Veera in order to hurt Veera or to break the pot , but he is stopped by Rv.

Bansuris seeing all the girls including Veera and Gujan, she quicky recognizes the water pot, calls our ” Veera ” loudly a scared Veera let the water pot to fall down. Bansuri Scolds Veera for breaking her water pot, but Veera is not ready to listen; she accuses Bansuri of scaring her. Bansuri scolds Gunjan for bringing the water pot from her; she tells Veera would never bring it from her home. Gunjan asks Veera will she not bring a water pot from her house if she ( Gunjan ) asks her. Veera sayins NO, she further says since she is a kid she cant keep it safe and her mother will scold her if the water pot is damaged. Hearing this Gunjan become disappointed and Bansuri scolds her further. Rv aks Veera to leave as they have to take food to Nihal’s home, a curious bansuri gets to know from Rv that Nihaal is staying in Chaiji’s home. Ranveera leave from there.

Au Nihal’s home, while arranging things he notices something( a red bag ) is missing from there, wonders whether he left it in Sampporan’s house. At Raveera home, Moti chaiji ask why she suddenly wanted to take part in tractor race, Ratan explains how its not her but someone else had already put her name, she says it must be Baktawar.

Rv gives the red bag to Ratan saying he found it, a chain with pendant is attached to it but Rtan doesn’t sees it. Ratn is about to open the bag Moti Chaiji stops her saying it belongs to Nihaal , she asks Ranveera to take the bag to Nihaa’s home.

Ranveera walking towards Nihal’s home with the red bag, Veera asks Rv why cant Nihal stay at their home , Rv replies because he isn’t related to them.Veera want ice cream but Rv refuses saying he didintbtake money with him. Veera sees Nihal coming, Nihaal quicky take the bag from Rv, asks him if Chaiji or Ratan opened that bag, Rv tells Ratan was about to open but didn’t. Veera shows Nihal a man selling ice cream, tells him if he wants incream he can ask him as if she doesn’t want it. Nihall understand her intention, invites them to have ice cream with him, first Rv refuses but Nihal convinces him. While having ice cream Veera want both Rv and Nihal to feed their ice cream to her. Veera takes her ribbon from her hairs , ties it on Nihal’s hand thus making him related to her.

Pre- cap : Ratn asking Nihal if he would like to work with her.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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