Veera 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi coming in the party and taking a breath. Everyone speak against Rishabh. Anmol adds fuel in fire. Gunjan shows Rishabh’s message that he called Ranvi. Dev defends Rishabh and says he will talk to him, he can’t do this. Gunjan says Rishabh has done this, he has proved he can fall very low to win this competition. She says call Gunjan. Dev says if Rishabh did this, we will take action against him. Dev asks Ranvi did you see Rishabh there. Ranvi says it was very dark, I did not see his face. Gunjan says think well. Rishabh says I just saw white coat. It was Rishabh. Rishabh comes and asks why is the music off. Is the party over? Everyone look at him.

He asks Dev why did he call him and why is everyone seeing me. Anmol says what you did with Ranvi, tell me, why you tried to kill him. Rishabh says what nonsense. Ranvi asks Anmol to calm down, Dev will manage. Gunjan says don’t act to be innocent. Rishabh says what did you say, I tried to kill Ranvi, are you serious. Anmol says I feel he has created all troubles for Ranvi. Anmol says we should check his room to get proof against him. Everyone agree and go with him. Rishabh is tensed thinking whats going on.

Ratan and Chaiji have a talk. Dev asks Rishabh why did he do this. Rishabh says you too, you think I did this cheap thing. Gunjan shows the message and his watch. She says Ranvi has seen you pushing him, and you are acting. She scolds him. Rishabh says I don’t need to do this cheap tricks, and asks Dev to trust him. He says someone did message from my phone and my watch was in my rehearsal room, this is conspiracy against me, you know me, you feel I did this, maybe Ranvi and Gunjan planned this, as they don’t like me.

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Gunjan says we have all proofs. Anmol gets the proof against Rishabh from his room. Everyone is shocked. Dev looks at Rishabh. Rishabh says no. Anmol says this is the perfume bottle by which Ranvi got hurt. He shows the CD of the music track which changed. The FB shows Anmol troubling Ranvi. Rishabh says what rubbish. Gunjan says he tried to kill Ranvi. Rishabh says I agree I don’t like Ranvi, but all this is lie. Gunjan asks Dev to call police, as she will not leave Rishabh this time. Anmol says yes Sir, call the police, he tried to kill my friend.

Dev says sorry Rishabh, you are eliminated from this competition, all proof is against you, we have to call police. Rishabh says this is totally unfair, how can you do this to me. Dev says sorry. Ranvi says he does not want to make any case against Rishabh. Gunjan says what are you saying. Ranvi says his dream is gone, what else is remaining now, its his biggest insult. He says it means he does not trust his talent. Vishnu says think again Ranvi. Rishabh says you played the game to eliminate me from this competition. Rishabh leaves angrily. Anmol smiles.

Gunjan gets a call and leaves. Dev thanks Ranvi. Gunjan is shocked to know about Veera’s accident as Ratan informs her that Veera is serious. Ratan says don’t tell this to Ranvi, else he will leave his dream and come here. Gunjan cries. She turns and sees Ranvi. He asks was the call from home. Gunjan says wrong number. He says he is feeling bad since morning. He asks her to call Veera and make him talk to her. She says see time, she might be sleeping now. He says yes, we will talk tomorrow. He says don’t tell anyone about this, they will worry about us. Veera can’t bear if I m hurt. Gunjan says even you ca;t bear if she is hurt. He says she is my life, I wish she does not get hurt ever.

Gunjan cries as he leaves. She worries and prays for Veera and Ranvi. She says I can’t tell this to Ranvi, as he will leave everything and go Pind. I can’t tell him at this time.

Nihaal comes to Baldev and brings tiffin. They ask him to have food. Baldev says no, I won’t eat till Veera gets fine. Nihaal looks at Ratan. Anmol cuts Rishabh’s pic as he has got him away from his way. He now plans to send Ranvi off. He tells her grudge against Ranvi. He says sorry, you are not bad person, but bad for me as Megha supported you. He says you will be eliminated tomorrow, else I will do something, I will win this Junoon 2014 trophy. He looks at dad’s place and says you told me that winning is important, as no one remembers the second winner. This time your son will become number one and no one can stop me. He smiles.

Gunjan talks about Veera’s accident which she has hidden from Ranvi. Anmol hears her and thinks to tell Ranvi and send him off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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