Veera 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veera does shopping with baldev. Baldev gets angry and says, now i will not going anywhere. Baldev says, i am fed up with you. Veera says, i want to see you happy, ok bye. Baldev gets upset and his friend says, we will get signature from farmer then you will definitely sarpanch. baldev then gone from there.
Veera called her friend and says, i did acting for him so that i will teach him a lesson. I will not live with him because she is really immature. baldev heard all this and says, veera, i loved you alot thats why i came here to say sorry. If you don want to love me then atleast tell me, i will leave your way. Its really paining. Veera says, i really want to tell you that i dont love you. Baldev says, now i dont want you and now i will show you to become sarpanch.
Gunjan served tea to ranveer. ranveer says, sit down here and take some rest. biji come and calls, ranveer then she see that ranveer and gunjan is sitting together. I am going to market. Ranveer says, i am also come with you. Gunjan says, dont you understand that biji is giving some time to us. Biji laughed and then go to market.
Veera says to her friend, i really did wrong to baldev. Baldev says to friend, dont believe in girls. Girls are so mean, she wants something else. How much clever she is.
Baldev friends says, we will select a girl for you which is more beautiful than her. Ranveer, gunjan and veera goes to market. They heard baldev’s voice. baldev says, you will sell your land and you will spent your life easily. Pind peoples accept baldev proposals. Baldev then goes to registrar office.
Veera says, baldev is doing wrong for his profit. Ranveer says, i will stop this, then gunjan says, baldev friend was there. Veera says, i will handle them. Veera says, my friend came from delhi and they gets mad when they see you. They are waiting at bus stand. Baldev friend then goes to bus stand. Ranveer goes to meet pind peoples and says, what are you doing? why are you selling your ancestors land. Peoples says, baldev is doing right for us, we will get best price of land.
Ranveer says, i want to show you something. Ranveer bring pind peoples with him. Baldev friends reaches near to same place. Baldev also reaches there and find that there is nobody there and get the news that ranveer bring pind people’s to farmland.

Precap:- Baldev’s friends attack on ranveer and injured him.

Update Credit to: tushar

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